The Local Plan and Planning Policy

The Local Plan sets out the strategic and spatial land-use planning framework for Nottingham City.

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Consultation on the proposed additional site allocation (PA86 Thane Road - Horizon Factory) for the Land & Planning Policies  Document, Part 2 Local Plan has now finished. Details available here.

Consultation on an Interim Digital Media Strategy has now closed. Details available here.

Consultation on the Land and Planning Policies Document, Part 2 Local Plan has now finished. Full details and background document can be found here.

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The Adopted Local Plan

In Nottingham the Local Plan comprises the Nottingham City Aligned Core Strategy (part 1 Local Plan) (adopted on 8 September 2014, see below for details) and the 'saved' Local Plan policies, which were adopted in November 2005. Many policies in the 'saved' Local Plan have been deleted as replaced by policies in the Core Strategy (see below).

Nottingham City Aligned Core Strategy sets out strategic planning policies and development principles for Nottingham City to guide development until 2028. The ACS was jointly prepared with Broxtowe and Gedling Borough Councils with close alignment to the other Council's Core Strategies which make up Greater Nottingham namely Erewash and Rushcliffe Borough Councils. The Inspector who examined the document issued her report in July 2014 . She found the Councils' plans to be sound subject to the modifications discussed and put forward following the examination hearings and consulted on during March and April 2014 (with one exception in respect of Bestwood Village in Gedling Borough). The version available to download corrects errors to the justification text of Appendix E in respect of saved policies S2, S3, S4 and S5 of the Nottingham Local Plan 2005.

The Council considered the recommendations of the Inspector and formally adopted the plan on 8 September 2014

Click on the links below to view the associated documents

The saved Local Plan

The 'saved' Local Plan (2005) policies contain detailed planning policies against which all planning applications are judged. It is accompanied by an adopted Proposals Map which sets out areas of protection and areas of land designated for particular land uses.

Click here to view the 'saved' Local Plan, Proposals Map and accompanying documents.

The Emerging Local Plan

Work is currently underway to prepare a new Local Plan for Nottingham City. In the future the Local Plan will comprise two documents:

Nottingham City Land and Planning Policies Document

Local Plan Part 2

The Local Plan Part 2, when adopted, will

  • set out planning policies for Nottingham City
  • guide how decisions on planning applications will be made
  • allocate land for development

A Draft Publication Version of the Plan was subject to consultation between Friday 29 January and Friday 11 March 2016. The Council is now reviewing the representation received.  The document and supporting documents can be found here.

Future Stages of the Plan Preparation

The indicative timetable for the production of the LAPP is shown below:

LAPP Preparation Stage


Publication Version consultation

29 January 2016 to 11 March 2016 COMPLETE


Summer 2017


Late 2017

Receipt of Inspectors Report

Early 2018


Spring 2018

Details of previous stages of the LAPP can be found here

Current Consultation

There is no current consultation being undertaken

Further Local Planning Documents

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out Nottingham City Council's policy for involving communities when preparing planning documents and considering planning applications.

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) sets out timetables for when each of the planning documents will be prepared by the City Council. The City Council keeps the timetables set out in the LDS under review and reports progress in the Authority Monitoring Report.

The Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) 2016 - Assesses the City Council's progress against the timetables set out in the LDS, and is published annually. The AMR also assesses the effectiveness of policies and objectives set out in the planning documents.

The Nottinghamshire and Nottingham Waste Core Strategy (WCS) is jointly prepared by Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County Councils. It sets out the scale, location and type of facilities required to manage different types of waste in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. The WCS was adopted on 10 December 2013.  You can view the Waste Core Strategy; the formal Adoption Statement and the Sustainability Appraisal Adoption Statement here.

The Nottinghamshire and Nottingham Waste Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Document will set out locations and policies for waste facilities and will also set out detailed policies against which to determine waste planning applications. A draft version of this document is likely to be produced in 2016.

Nottingham City Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

The current Housing Land Availability Report and the associated plans can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Pilot Brownfield Land Register

The Government has set out its commitment to introduce a statutory brownfield register and ensure that 90% of suitable brownfield sites have planning permission for housing by 2020. The registers are intended set out information on brownfield sites which are suitable for housing development using a consistent set of information across council areas.

The requirement for councils to prepare Brownfield Registers comes into effect in April 2017. To inform the content and format of the final registers the Government invited Local Authorities to bid to become Brownfield Land Register pilots in February 2016.

Nottingham City Council submitted a successful joint bid with Broxtowe, Gedling, and Rushcliffe Councils and the councils have worked together to review the approach and provide feedback to Government.

Nottingham City’s pilot register and accompanying spatial information can be viewed at:

Please note that whilst the information in the register is based on the Council’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, the register is provided for information only and the formal duty to publish a register will commence in April 2017.

Adopted Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance

These are supporting documents which add further detail to the planning policies set out in the adopted Local Plan. Access the folder of documents here.

The following types of document are available:

Community Infrastructure Levy

Nottingham City Council does not currently have in place a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Should the Council decide to introduce CIL, consultation on the level of CIL to be charged will take place with interested parties prior to Public Examination.  Further information on CIL can be found on the Planning Portal.

Useful External Links

  • NPPF - National Planning Policy Framework: was published on 27 March 2012 and sets out the Government's planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied
  • PPG - Planning Practice Guidance: this website resource brings together many areas of English planning guidance into a new format, linked to the National Planning Policy Framework and relevant legislation
  • Plain English guide to the Planning System: explains how the planning system in England works by providing a plain English guide.  It is only an overview and so does not set out new planning policy or guidance
  • Planning Portal: is the UK Government's online planning and building regulations system in England and Wales and is intended to be the first point of call for anyone wanting to find out about planning
  • Planning Inspectorate: deals with planning appeals, national infrastructure planning applications, examinations of local plans and other planning-related and specialist casework in England and Wales"

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