Learn about WISE - Waste in Schools Education

Waste In Schools Education (WISE) project works with local city schools to support waste education.

Waste Education Programme - WISE

Nottingham City Council is committed to educating the next generation about sustainable waste management issues and has developed the Waste In School Education (WISE) which is a FREE and fully supported waste education programme for schools.

We have a dedicated WISE Education Officer who works with schools throughout Nottingham and offers a variety of workshops, lessons and interactive activities to promote the key themes of reduce, reuse, repairing and recycling. All the sessions are tailored to the curriculum and individual school requirements.

For more information on the WISE activities available. If you would like to discuss your schools needs or book a date please complete the online interest form or contact us using the details on the left hand side of this page. 

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WISE is currently taking bookings for next term and next academic year, email: wise@nottinghamcity.gov.uk or give Sim a call on 07956 220693 / 0115 8765649.