Nottingham City Educational Psychology Service

We know there will be a lot of uncertainty around the current COVID-19 outbreak, particularly given that the situation is constantly developing and the information about the virus remains incomplete. As schools settings you have had to adapt very quickly to provide support and education during this unprecedented situation.

It is normal to feel anxious and worried during this time as we are experiencing a significant amount of change and disruption to our lives. As school staff you may have additional concerns around how the children and young people that you work with will cope, and sadness associated with them leaving school prematurely before the end of the school year. Children and young people are likely to also feel anger and sadness in this situation, particularly those that have been preparing for their upcoming exams. It may be helpful to reflect on the feelings associated with this period as relating to the process of grief as we are experiencing a loss of normality, fear of the future and loss of our usual way of connecting.

We have collated resources found online to support school staff in managing their own and young people’s wellbeing. We have also detailed how the educational psychology service has adapted to provide support to you during this time.

How the Educational Psychology Service can support you

As with many other providers the educational psychology service is learning to adapt to a new way of working with the hope to support you during this difficult period. Below details some services we can offer during this time.

Ongoing basis Short term Medium/long term
  • Remote consultations (via phone/video calls)

  • Staff supervision on an individual or group basis (via phone/video calls)

  • Support for parents/vulnerable families (via phone call)

  • Support with usual LA
    processes, e.g. HLN/EHCPs

  • Providing support and guidance to school staff and senior leadership teams managing the impact of a critical incident in the school community
  • Providing resources and ideas to schools to support settings, parents and children to adapt to the current situation

  • Virtual training sessions and webinars
  • Transition support for vulnerable students moving to new settings, classes (e.g. MAPs/PATHs)

  • Support with developing supportive universal provision for all students upon the return to school

How to contact us:

Main office:

Please also feel free to contact your link educational psychologist directly.