Managing Your Childcare Business

You need to build a management information system that suits the needs of your business to provide you with simple summaries on your business position at any given time, highlighting issues at a glance and identifying where corrective action may need to be taken.

Ultimately utilising occupancy and cash flow information you can identify what money is coming in, and going out, of your business and ensure you have enough to keep operating.  There are links to these pages on the main 'Looking After Your Business' page.

The following vodcast on Managing Your Childcare Business is a short introduction to the management role, key management information and the role of business policies and procedures:

Please also note that all registered childcare settings are required by law to have public liability insurance (PLI).  This insurance covers the childcare business for any claims made against you while in the process of delivering your service. Your cover should be suitable for your childcare business and comprehensive, with a large enough limit to cover most eventualities. Good insurance cover is available from a range of reputable insurance providers and gives you both protection and peace of mind.