National CPD Opportunities

The Early Years Education Recovery Programme is a package of workforce training, qualifications, support and guidance for the early years sector to support staff and settings address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the youngest and most disadvantaged children.

In addition to the Nuffield Early Language Intervention, Home Learning Environment and Early Years Initial Teacher Training, the Early Years Education Recovery Programme also includes;

The Early Years Entitlements Team in the Department for Education have produced these helpful EY Education Recovery Programme Options Slides to help direct practitioners and settings to the parts of the programme that are best suited to them. The slides split practitioners into three main groups; new to the sector, more experienced/L3 qualified and settings leaders/aspiring leaders and indicate which strands of the programme each group may want to consider.  Do navigate your way through these slides if you're not sure which aspect of the programme would be best for you!

These pages will be updated with the latest information, as it becomes available.  Full information on all aspects of the Recovery Programme can be found at