If you are visiting the recycling centre towards the end of the day, please allow yourself plenty of time to ensure you are allowed into the site. All vehicles need to have entered the site, unloaded their waste and left the site by closing time. Last admittance is half an hour before close.

'Man with a van' services are unable to use the recycling centre under any circumstances.

Visiting a recycling centre

This facility is for use by Nottingham city residents, should you live in the County area please consult their website for your nearest appropriate site. When visiting you may be asked to produce your driving licence, as proof of being a City resident. Failure to do so may mean you will not be allowed entry until you are able to do so

The Recycling Centre is a small site that is difficult to manage in regard to social distancing, limiting the number of vehicles that can safely be on the site at any one time. Please be aware that due to the social distancing rules on-site there is likely to be significant delays when visiting the sites.

On approach, there may be a member of staff to help manage the traffic and controlling the gate to the site. They will advise you when to enter the site and, provided social distancing is possible, guide you where to go on site. You must follow their instructions at all times as they are there to ensure you and everyone else is kept safe. Continue to follow social distancing guidelines and maintain a two-metre distance between yourself, staff and any other members of the public on-site at the same time.

Heavy or difficult loads

Due to social distancing rules, staff will not be able to assist with disposing of waste items at this time. You can take one additional adult who lives in your household with you if you have a large item to unload from your vehicles such as a fridge or washing machine or are disabled and need assistance.

Only bring what you can safely handle as site staff will not be able to assist you as they may normally.

Small trailers towed by car only are allowed in the centre. Maximum trailer size 1.4m long.

Pedestrian and bicycle access to Recycling Centres

If you do not own a motor vehicle, it may be possible for us to arrange a safe time and day for you to visit on foot or bicycle. Contact the Customer Service Centre (915 2000) to make the necessary arrangements.

If there is a queue of traffic waiting to use a Recycling Centre you cannot park outside and walk waste onto a site.

Waste and recycling centre location

Lenton Industrial Estate,
NG7 2UJ.

Registration is not required.

Please note we don't accept any trade waste at all so using a commercial vehicle for your own waste means you are likely to be questioned unless there is no relevance between the waste and the business.

The following items can be taken:

  • Batteries
  • Car batteries
  • Flat glass
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Food tins and drinks cans
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Garden Waste
  • Gas Bottles
  • Hardcore and rubble
  • Large appliances
  • Mixed glass, bottles and jars
  • Mixed paper and card
  • Mixed textiles and clothes
  • Mobile phones
  • Plastics
  • Printer cartridges
  • Scrap metal
  • Small appliances
  • Soil
  • Tapes and disks
  • TV's and monitors
  • Used engine oil
  • Wood and timber

Rubbish from businesses cannot be taken to the site.

Please note there is a charge to dispose of rubble and plasterboard (and similar DIY waste) at this centre.

  • £3 per bag 25kg of rubble, tiles, concrete
  • £8 per bag 25kg of plasterboard

A bag should be no larger than 535mm by 820mm and there is a limit of four bags of waste per customer.

Please only pay by Credit or Debit card payment.

Examples of pricing 


For example:

  • Whole paving slabs
  • Concrete posts and lintels or gravel boards

Charge: £3 per slab, post or lintel.

Rubble or Hardcore

For example:

  • Bricks (broken or whole)
  • Blocks (broken or whole)
  • Broken paving slabs
  • Sand, gravel and pebbles
  • Cement mortar and rendering
  • Tarmac

Charge: £3 per bag (or part bag).

Ceramics and tiles

For example:

  • Ceramic wall or  floor tiles
  • Slates or roof tiles

Charge: £3 each or £3 per bag (or part bag).

Plasterboard and gypsum products

For example:

  • Gypsum based products
  • Coving
  • Plasterboard sheets (whole or broken)
  • Ceiling roses
  • Unused or part bags of plaster

Charge: £8 per sheet (1800mm x 900mm, 6ft x 3ft approx.) 
or £8 per bag (or part bag).

We are aware that our Recycling Centres are valued by residents, however like many local authorities; we have to make difficult financial decisions.

We are required by law to provide a Household Waste and Recycling Centre service and ours is one of the most efficient in the country.

We do not, however, have to provide a disposal service for rubble and plasterboard so, like with many other councils we have decided to charge a small amount for this service to help fund our services.

The centre is open every day of the year except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. The opening times vary depending on the time of year:

January and February: 8am to 4pm

March: 8am to 6pm

April to September: 8am to 8pm

October: 8am to 6pm

November and December: 8am to 4pm

Last admittance is half an hour before close.

Contact Us

Lenton Household Waste and Recycling Centre
Redfield Road
Lenton Industrial Estate

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