The Nottingham Standard for Landlord Accreditation

Supported by Nottingham City Council, The “Nottingham Standard” is an accreditation mark for landlords that guarantees a minimum standard for privately rented housing across the city.

What the Nottingham Standard is

The Nottingham Standard brings unity to accreditation in the city by incorporating the two schemes operating in the city, DASH and Unipol, under one certification mark that creates an overarching minimum standard for privately rented accommodation across the city.

Landlords already accredited through DASH or Unipol are able to use the Nottingham Standard accreditation mark.

You can check to see if your landlord is accredited under the Nottingham Standard mark by checking with the Unipol Code (if you are a student) or the DASH Code (for other privately rented accommodation)

The Nottingham Standard does NOT replace the DASH and Unipol schemes. DASH Landlord Accreditation (formerly EMLAS) -  accredits all types of private rented sector landlords; Unipol Student Homes accredits only student properties.

There are guidelines for the Nottingham Standard accreditation mark, to make sure that it is used correctly so when you see the Nottingham Standard mark, you know you can rent with confidence.

What Accreditation is

Accreditation is a set of standards relating to the management and physical condition of privately rented accommodation.

Landlords who join a scheme and who meet the standards are 'accredited'. Accreditation schemes are voluntary and there is no obligation on landlords to join,  however, accredited landlords show a commitment to providing good quality, well managed accommodation.

Finding an Accredited Property


If you are a student in Nottingham then you are recommended to rent a property that is accredited. This will give you peace of mind and provide assistance should you run in to any problems as Unipol will work with you and your landlord to resolve any issues that you may come across.

Nottingham City Council work in partnership with Unipol Student Homes, a national student housing charity and recommend that you rent from a landlord or agent accredited under one of the Unipol's Codes. To find one of these properties please visit their website. https://www.unipol.org.uk/nottingham/accommodation#


Is Your Landlord Accredited
Use our property search facility to check whether a property is registered to a Nottingham Standard accredited landlord.

Are you a Student Looking for a Good Landlord?

Unipol Student Homes are a national not-for -profit organisation that is dedicated to improving standards of student accommodation and ensuring you get the best choice.

Unipol work in partnership with Nottingham City Council and run the student accreditation scheme the Unipol Code for Nottingham. Landlords and agents can voluntarily sign up to join the Unipol Code and over 360 have chosen to do so. The Code is essentially a list of standards that they agree to meet, covering things ranging from fire safety to how your landlord deals with repairs and how they treat you as a tenant.


For general enquiries about the Nottingham Standard, please contact Nottingham City Council. For specific enquiries about membership of DASH Accreditation Services or Unipol Student Homes, please contact the relevant organisation:

DASH Landlord Accreditation 

Linda Cobb

Telephone: 01332 640324 Email: linda.cobb@derby.gov.uk

Unipol Student Homes, Nottingham

Faye Swanwick

Telephone: 0115 934 5023 Email: f.swanwick@unipol.org.uk


How does it work and how do I become accredited.

Apply through DASH http://www.dashservices.org.uk/

Apply through Unipol  https://www.unipol.org.uk/the-code/join

How do I become accredited?

Landlords who rent to students apply through Unipol and landlords with non-student homes or mixed portfolios apply through DASH. Once accreditation is achieved a landlord will receive the Nottingham Standard mark which can be used on their marketing material.

How much does it cost?

Membership through DASH has been FREE for Landlords since its launch in 2013, but charges to landlords will be implemented from the 1 February 2018. Charges from the 1 February 2018 via DASH will be:

  • 1 to 5 properties                     £95
  • 6 to 11 properties                   £160
  • 12 to 29 properties                 £380
  • 30 to 39 properties                 £500
  • 40+ properties                      Price on application

Membership usually lasts for 3 years

Nottingham City Council has introduced a new property licencing scheme in Nottingham, which came into force  on 1st August 2018.  Those landlords who already have Nottingham Standard accreditation will receive a discount of £300 on the licence fee for each property. The proposed licence fee is currently £480 for those with accreditation and £780 for those without (subject to final approval by Executive Board). Please note that the discount on the licence fee will not be available to landlords, with tenanted properties, who apply for accreditation after 31st July 2018; however, they are still encouraged to apply for the Nottingham Standard.

How do I find out more and apply?

(Student landlords) - Unipol

(All other landlords) - DASH

or for more information call the team on 07812 300655.

What are the benefits of accreditation?

Some of the many benefits for accredited landlords include:

  • FREE training
  • FREE advice, support and guidance
  • FREE inclusion on an accredited landlord register searchable by prospective tenants
  • Discounted membership of Landlords National Property Group and East Midlands Property owners
  • Financial support and assistance packages from Nottingham City Council Housing
  • Aid and Housing Benefit teams for landlords who take citizens in housing need
  • Consultation opportunities

How will prospective tenants know that I am accredited?

Using the accreditation mark, we are able to market the Nottingham Standard to new and existing tenants, allowing them to seek out responsible landlords. A property search allows tenants to check if a property is registered to an accredited landlord. Nottingham City Council is committed to a continuous programme of publicity to promote awareness amongst tenants.

What do I need to do become accredited?

  1. Make an online application to DASH Landlord Accreditation or Unipol Student Homes
  2. Sign a code of conduct
  3. Be a 'fit and proper' person
  4. Complete an online training course
  5. Have at least one property visited for a health and safety check

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