Community Protection and Support

Community Protection is a partnership service, created to deliver a safer City and in particular tackle Anti-social behaviour, Crime and Environmental Crime for residents and visitors to Nottingham.

Community Protection
Community Protection is a unique service, set up to tackle antisocial behaviour (ASB) and environmental crime in Nottingham. Our vision is simple - to create a safe and clean environment in every one of the city's neighbourhoods.

Reporting Antisocial Behaviour (ASB)
If you are affected by antisocial behaviour, you will find information on how to contact us and, if you have an ongoing case - how to raise a community trigger.

Public Spaces Protection Orders
The Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) are intended to replace the current Designated Public Place Orders (DPPO), the Dog Control Orders (DCO) and Gating Orders.

Hate Crime
All hate crime is important. No hate crime is too minor to report to the police. Anyone can be the victim of a hate crime.