Broadmarsh Area Transformation

Nottingham City Council has plans to dramatically transform and regenerate the Broadmarsh area of Nottingham city centre, investing £250 million to boost the local economy, create jobs and attract more visitors to the city.

Works are underway to transform the area into a great entrance to the south of the city centre with improved shopping, leisure and restaurant facilities in a vibrant new environment. You can read more about these plans below.

What Are the Plans?

The plans include:

  • Redevelopment of intu Broadmarsh to create a modern shopping and leisure destination for customers to shop, eat, relax and socialise throughout the day and evening, including a new cinema
  • The demolition and construction of a new Broadmarsh Car Park and Bus Station to modernise parking facilities, the bus station and create new retail units to spill out onto Collin Street and Carrington Street
  • The creation of a modern and high quality Central Library in the new Car Park building, including the best children’s library in the country facing onto Collin Street and Carrington Street
  • The creation of a new public space on Collin Street by pedestrianising the street, similar to Clumber Street
  • The pedestrianisation of (upper) Carrington Street, between the new public space on Collin Street and Canal Street
  • Changing Canal Street to a pedestrian friendly area, with reduced traffic and more welcoming space to the city
  • The creation of a brand new flagship City Hub for the city by Nottingham College to the east of Middle Hill, which will serve 4,000 students a year
  • Linking this part of the city to Nottingham Castle which will be transformed into a world-class destination, hosting 400,000 visitors annually

The Broadmarsh redevelopment programme forms part of the £600m worth of regeneration in the area such as at Nottingham Station, Station Street, Unity Square, City Buildings, Carrington Street and much more.

How long will the transformation of the Broadmarsh take and how will the improvements be carried out?

  • Work to transform the Broadmarsh area started in January 2016 and will be delivered through a coordinated and staged programme of improvements, estimated to take around five years to complete
  • Work to construct the new Broadmarsh car park has begun after the demolition of the old Broadmarsh car park in 2017 to 2018. Demolition of the Broadmarsh Car Park involved the careful removal of the bridge joining it to intu Broadmarsh. Rebuilding the Car Park began in early 2019, with new shops, restaurants, leisure facilities and a new Central Library set to be included
  • Work on intu Broadmarsh began in early 2019, with new shops, restaurants and leisure facilities set to be announced in due course. Works to refurbish intu Broadmarsh are expected to complete in mid to late 2021
  • Road changes, including works on Greyfriar Gate, Canal Street, Middle Hill and Collin Street will happen in phases from 2017 to 2021
  • Work on the new City Hub started in summer 2018, ready to open for the beginning of the new academic year in September 2020


What would the proposed transformation of the Broadmarsh area mean for me?


  • Easier to move around with better streets and safer crossings
  • Traffic free public space on Collin Street and reduced traffic on Canal Street
  • Priority at crossings and better links to other destinations


  • Substantial reduction in traffic
  • Link to the new Western Cycle Corridor, Eastern Cycle Corridor and connections to south
  • Better Citycard Cycle facilities

Bus passengers

  • Buses would move more easily through the area
  • A new bus station, meaning passengers can alight into a much more pedestrian friendly area
  • Bus stops could be moved from Collin Street to Canal Street

Taxi passengers

  • New 24 hour taxi bay on Collin Street
  • New night-time rank outside Ocean nightclub


  • New entrance and exit on Canal Street
  • A brand new, refreshed and modern car park
  • Collin Street would be pedestrianised and the middle section of Canal Street restricted
  • Through traffic routed onto London Road, Queen's Road, Sheriffs Way, Waterway Street West, Wilford Road and Wilford Street

Blue Badge holders

  • The improved pedestrian environment could make it safer and easier for disabled people to move around the area. Disabled spaces and a new Shopmobility facility will be available in the Broadmarsh Car Park with direct access to Collin Street