Examination of the LAPP (Local Plan Part 2)

Nottingham City Council is reviewing its Local Plan.  The Aligned Core Strategy was adopted in 2014 and forms the Part 1 of the Local Plan.  The Land and Planning Policies Document (LAPP) will form the Part 2 Local Plan.  The production of this document which has been subject to two formal rounds of consultation has now reached an advanced stage and was submitted for Examination on 23 April 2018. 

Details about the Examination can be found by clicking the buttons below.

Latest News about the Examination.  Hearing sessions likely to start week commencing 19 November 2018.

View the Inspector’s “Matters, Issues and Questions” (when available).


Details of the Inspector and the Programme Officer appointed to undertake the examination along with details of the Venue (when available).

View details of all the documents that form the Examination Library including consultation comments received.

Consultation comments received at both the Publication and Revised Publication stages.

Information on how the Plan will be assessed.

Contact Us

All correspondence or queries relating to the examination should be directed to the Programme Officer in the first instance. Programme Officer: Jayne Knight Tel: 07548160934 Email: jayne.knight@nottinghamcity.gov.uk If you wish to contact the Planning Policy Team please either email localplan@nottinghamcity.gov.uk or call 0115 876 4594.

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