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Gating Orders

Register of Gating Orders

From April 2006, the City Council acquired a new power to make "Gating Orders" to restrict public access to help deal with crime and/or antisocial behaviour. This new power is provided by the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 which amended the Highways Act 1980. The Council may make a Gating Order to restrict the use by the public of a "relevant highway" and may authorise the placing of gates at each end.

For more information and to access the relevant documents including the Gating Order regulations, Guidance Notes and Application Form for a Gating Order alongside the Current Proposed Gating Orders (as at 16th January 2014) please visit the Nottingham Insight Website.

Gating Orders that the Council have made

Unlike a Special Order a Gating Order does not remove the status of the highway; it restricts the public use of the highway either at certain times of the day or night or at all times. A Gating Order may be used for antisocial behaviour as well as crime.

The Council have currently made Gating orders in the following areas:

  • Holland Street, Arboretum
  • Portland Road, Arboretum
  • Hovenden Gardens, Hyson Green
  • Botany Avenue to Ransom Road, Mapperley
  • Brewsters Road
  • Neston Drive
  • Kilnwood Close
  • Smedley Close
  • Camomile Gardens
  • Candle Meadows
  • Haswell Road

To access all of the related Notices, Plans and subsequent Orders please visit the Nottingham Insight Website