Balloon Woods Adventure Playground

Set in a hectare of natural woodland in Bramcote, this adventure playground is a hub for the forest schools initiative.

Visit Us

Balloon Woods Adventure Playground
Coventry Lane (Opposite Balloon Woods Industrial Estate)
Balloon Woods
Telephone: 0115 8763888


All children who want to use the Play Centre must be a member and aged between 6 to 13 (or already attending school year 1). Membership forms can be picked up from the site and membership is free. Children under the age of 5 are welcome to use the site but must be accompanied by an adult. Our playworkers make sure that everyone who visits the site has fun safely and can help you complete the form.

Activities and Services

Our friendly team look forward to meeting you and supporting you to get involved with the exciting play activities on offer. We aim to offer positive play experiences for all. We welcome all children and we can make adjustments or provide additional support to include you and your child, this provision is open access. Children are free to arrive and leave unaccompanied.


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