Starting a Childminding Business

This section gives you all the information you need to find out how to become an Independent Registered Childminder in Nottingham City.

Becoming a self-employed Childminder and running a small business from home can allow you to be flexible with the hours you work, is rewarding and can fit well with your family commitments.

This short Vodcast gives you an overview of what is involved and what you need to do to become a self-employed Registered Childminder:

Nottingham City Early Years have developed a Guide to Becoming a Childminder that gives you all the information you need about setting up as a Childminder and starting to build a successful business. 

When you have watched the above vodcast and guide, then we recommend that you take a look at Business Smart, a free online business support package for childminders developed by the Professional Association of Childcare and Early Years (PACEY).

Most Childminders operate as Sole Traders, so the business is owned and run by one individual, responsible only to themselves.  If there is trading profit, you take it all.  If there is risk or trading losses then you take it all as well and this may involve withstanding losses not just from your business assets but from your personal assets as well.

It is important to carry out thorough research around the area you are considering opening your business.

A Feasibility Study is simply a means of finding out whether or not something is likely to work and this document will take you through why they’re important, what they can tell you and how to undertake one.  Fundamentally, they will provide some initial information on whether or not your proposed business idea is needed, and wanted, in the area.

You can also find about more about existing childcare in an area by contacting the Families Information Service and by consulting the latest Childcare Sufficiency Assessment for an indication on participation and vacancy information across the city, as well as information on forthcoming developments.

These Key Considerations for starting up a new childcare provision consolidate some of the key information highlighted above.

After you have read all the information above and you would like to continue with the process to become a Registered Childminder, please register your interest with the Families Information Service by calling their free phone number 0800 458 4114 and you can book yourself onto the next online Free Childminder Information Briefing 

Tuesday 21st May 2024 10am - 11.30am

In the Spring Budget the Chancellor announced childminder start-up grants for newly registering childminders.

The Childminder Start-up Grants Scheme opened on 30th November 2023 and aims to support new childminders by providing them with grant funding to help with the cost of setting up their own businesses.

The Childminder Start-up Grants Scheme will be available to all new childminders who have completed their registration on or after 15th March 2023. Individuals who have previously been registered as childminders and wish to re-register into the sector may also apply for the scheme. There must be at least a 12-month gap between the date of their previous registration being cancelled and their new registration being finalised.

The scheme will offer £600 to new childminders registering with Ofsted, and £1200 to new childminders registering with a childminder agency. £1200 grants will be paid in two instalments, with a 6-month limit on claiming the second instalment. Childminders must apply for the grant within two months of registering as a childminder, or within two months of the Scheme launching.

More information can be found in the following documents:

The application website is hosted by AIMS and childminders will need to set up an account to apply.  Applications can be made here -

Please note this scheme sits outside of the Early Years Team & Nottingham City Local Authority and is administered by the DfE's Delivery Partner, Ecorys.  




  • Paediatric First Aid
  • Introduction to Safeguarding Children
  • Introduction to the EYFS (or equivalent Childcare qualification)

Details of all these courses can be found here.  It is a legal requirement for you to keep training up to date and maintain your knowledge and understanding. Furthermore, Ofsted consider it important that all childcare providers continue their professional development and there is a wealth of training and development courses on our CPD pages.  

Once you are a Registered Childminder, Nottingham City Early Years Team are committed to ensuring you continue to have support available.

We have a range of resources to support Looking After Your Childcare Business and support for existing Childminders is also detailed in the Childminder Provider Support Framework