Addressing the Lord Mayor

Addressing the Lord Mayor

The correct form of address for the Lord Mayor is "The Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Councillor Rosemary Healy."

The Lord Mayor's Lady, Consor, Escort

The role of the Lord Mayor's Lady /Consort/ Escort is to support the Lord Mayor during their year of office. Rosemary’s partner, Glyn, will be her Consort.


Under the Local Government Act 1972 Section 3(4), as long as Her Majesty's Royal prerogative is not prejudiced, the Lord Mayor of Nottingham shall have precedence in his/her city. The Lord Mayor, during his/her term of office, remains impartial and is unable to attend or become involved in any political or contentious matters

It is important to remember that when you invite a Civic Dignitary to attend an event, they must have a role to perform and there is a purpose to their visit, such as declaring a building open/presenting prizes etc.


The Lord Mayor should be met and officially welcomed by one of the event organisers. It is suggested that if you require the Lord Mayor to carry out a specific duty (ie Ribbon Cutting, Declaring an event/shop open) they should arrive 10minutes before to be briefed, however it is not considered good practice to invite the Lord Mayor too early to an event which means they will be waiting around. It is essential that a nominated person meets and accompanies the Lord Mayor throughout their visit and escorts them back to the vehicle at the end of the event - please provide name and contact details of the person on the form.

The correct title for introducing/announcing the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress is 'The Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Rosemary Healy. After initial introductions, it is correct to refer to her as 'Lord Mayor'.

The Lord Mayor has many engagements so could you please state a 'free to leave' time. This is important information for the Lord Mayor and enables them to fit other engagements into their diary.

Seating Plans

The Lord Mayor is the first citizen of Nottingham and should always be on the right-hand side of the host/chairperson as the appropriate place of honour, and the Lady Mayoress on the left of the host/chairperson. The only exception to this would be if the Lord-Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire was present in his official capacity as the Queen's representative or a member of the Royal family were present. In which case, they would be given precedence over the Lord Mayor.


Please note if you want the Lord Mayor to make a speech you must provide a draft speech at least five days before the event to give the Lord Mayor and the Civic Officer time to look at it.

Form of Dress

Morning Suit is the standard dress code for the Lord Mayor and is worn for most types of engagements with the Civic Chain. Please note on the form any special clothing requirements i.e. if the event is taking place outside and coats are required. If you feel Civic Robes are appropriate to your event, then please note this on the form and it will be decided at the discretion of the Civic Office.

Commercial Appearances

The Lord Mayor is pleased to assist in the opening of new business premises or be present at the launch of a new business project. The expectation is that a donation of a minimum of £50 is made towards The Lord Mayor's Charities. Cheques should be made out to "Nottingham City Council".

If you would like further guidance on any of these matters please contact the Civic Office using the details below:

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