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Nottingham City organisations, we need you!

Nottingham is already feeling the effects of climate change, with increased heatwaves, flooding, and other extreme weather events. We are responding to this issue together through our aim to make Nottingham a carbon neutral city by 2028. We need everyone in the city to play their part in reducing carbon dioxide emissions as quickly as possible.

We are asking Nottingham City based organisations and businesses to pledge to our We Support campaign to show their commitment to doing what they can to help reach the city’s carbon neutral target.

So far, over 40 organisations have signed up – can you join them?

Any business, organisation or group based in Nottingham City can join – small or large and from any sector. All you need to do is let us know what you are doing to cut your carbon emissions and support Nottingham on the journey to becoming carbon neutral. It doesn’t matter if you are at the start of your carbon reduction journey or well on your way.

To make your pledge, download the We Support Pledge Template, complete it and email it to

Want to see what others are doing already? Here are some case studies of what organisations across the city are doing to become more sustainable.

Got a question? Get in touch by emailing