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Lifecycle is a fun, free scheme designed to develop children's cycling skills and keep future generations of road users safe. Now in its second year, Lifecycle will once again be offered to all Nottingham City Schools by the Road Safety Education Team.

Funded until March 2015 by the LSTF, Lifecycle's objectives are to improve children's cycle skills and help them understand the importance of staying safe from a young age. Lifecycle is designed as an early intervention scheme it aims to develop an interest in cycling amongst the next generation of road users and also promote healthy, sustainable travel as a transport choice for the future.

After an exceptional first year, Lifecycle is back. Last year the Road Safety Education Team delivered Lifecycle to over 2,000 children in 27 schools, and this year we are aiming to build on this amazing achievement.

Nottingham City Council provides all of the equipment necessary to deliver the Lifecycle lessons to children from year one to year four. Each Lifecycle lesson lasts around 50 minutes, with 15 minutes of theory followed by 35 minutes of practical for groups of up to 12 students. All children taking part in Lifecycle will receive a collectable metal badge for completing the session.

Lifecycle isn't just for those children who can already ride; last year we taught almost 500 children to ride a bike. This represents almost half the number of children who couldn't ride a bike at the start of the Lifecycle lessons.

The feedback we've had for Lifecycle has been hugely positive, with teachers, children, parents and head teachers all expressing their appreciation for Lifecycle.

Lifecycle also lays a solid foundation for children to use as a stepping stone as they progress to Bikeability. Partially funded by the Department of Transport, Bikeability is the National Cycle Training Scheme which is offered to all school children over 10 in the City. The scheme is free and resources permitting we can arrange loan bikes for those students who do not have access to one.

In order to maximise the number of participating schools, we will be offering the Lifecycle programme throughout the whole of the school year, weather permitting. To receive further information on Lifecycle, please contact James Fee on 0115 876 5281 or email james.fee@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

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