Rail Services

Information on train travel and the latest developments across the Network

Train Travel

Train Travel is an important part of our Transport Strategy, it is essential that Nottingham is well connected to London and other core cities for both our business and our leisure travels.

For up to date information on rail services and timetables, please visit the East Midlands Trains which provides the majority of Nottingham's services. In addition Cross Country and Northern Rail also provide services from Nottingham.

For a comprehensive rail timetable please see the National Rail Enquiries website


The Council will continue to lobby for improvements to our rail services, we aim to improve journey times to all of the core cities in addition to reducing the journey time to London to 90 minutes. This is what our citizens and communities want out of their rail service.

In 2014 the redevelopment of Nottingham Station was completed creating a world class transport hub for its citizens and tourists, you can find out more information on the station redevelopments by visiting the Building a Better Nottingham website.

Future developments include:

  • The Midland Mainline Electrification project
  • High Speed Rail
  • Station Cycle Hub developments

For information on all current and proposed railway developments please visit the Building a Better Nottingham website

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