Apply for a Resident Dispensation Parking Permit

These have been specifically introduced for Official Visitors (e.g. Health and Social Workers) and contractors where there is a necessity to visit or carry out work at properties within a Residential Parking Scheme area. Dispensations are valid for up to three vehicle registrations per permit. However, the permit can only be used in one vehicle at a time. Dispensation permits are valid for 1 year  and subject to a charge of £200.00 per permit, £105 for 6 months or £15 for one day only. This permit is not available to private individuals or for commuting purposes. This permit does not cover caravans or trailers, which cannot be left parked in a residential bay.

Dispensation permits require:

  • Proof that a service/work is being undertaken in the stated area and this can be either a letter from the employer or a trade invoice

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