Roadworks and Diversions

What are the changes?

As the City Council undertakes one of the biggest city centre regeneration projects in the UK at the moment in the Broadmarsh area, changes are being made to help people continue to get into and around the city during these works, although intu Broadmarsh will remain open as usual.

Find out more about the Broadmarsh plans here.

During these changes, people still need to be able to get around the city. We know these works in the city centre have the potential to be disruptive, so the City Council has created a series of diversion routes and maps to enable you to still be able to drive round the city and city centre with as little inconvenience as possible.

We have also created the Southern Relief Route, a route around the Broadmarsh area, to divert you away from potential disruption, and have marked the road as a ‘red route’ to prevent people stopping and waiting unnecessarily, so that the flow of traffic on this major diversion can be maintained.

Map of alternative routes

We will shortly be providing videos displaying these routes, so watch this space.

Click here to view a map of alternative routes

Ways to beat the traffic

The redevelopment of the Broadmarsh area will be disruptive as the City Council undergoes a radical transformation of its city centre. There are other ways to get into and around the city centre as detailed above, and we recommend you review the map carefully and plan your journey from its very start to very end.

During these works, you can continue to drive to the Broadmarsh area if you intend to shop there but we recommend using alternative routes if that is not your final destination.

If you are considering coming to town, but don’t want to get stuck in traffic, there are other ways of getting round the city. Please see our Public Transport page.

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