Attending school

In Nottingham, Education Welfare Officers work closely with schools and families to resolve attendance issues.

Schools will refer pupils to the Education Welfare Service if:

  • A pattern of irregular attendance, lateness or persistent absenteeism is worsening
  • Parents do not accept their responsibilities for ensuring their child attends school and are refusing to discuss the matter

Other duties related to attendance which are undertaken by the Education Welfare Service include:

  • Regulating child employment
  • Child protection issues
  • Helping to arrange alternative educational provision for excluded pupils
  • Supporting pupils with special educational needs

For more information, please contact the Education Welfare Service;

Phone: 0115 876 2965

For any other queries, you will need to contact your child's school directly - click here to search for your child's school.
Nottingham City Council has launched a city-wide drive to improve school attendance.

Taking action

We know that most parents act responsibly to ensure their children are in school every weekday. This excellent attendance is recognised by your school and by the City Council and we thank you for it.

We also recognise that some children are educated at home. Alternative education provision is something we recognise and support. However, the vast majority of Nottingham pupils receive a school education, and for these pupils, there is a legal requirement for parents to ensure their child attends their school.

We want all children to achieve their full potential. Children who have time off school find it difficult to catch up, and in secondary schools, 17 school days missed can lead to one GCSE grade lost.

For this reason, we want all parents to understand that the City Council will take action when a child is persistently absent without agreement from the school. Through the courts, this could be a fine of up to £2,500 or even prison.

We are aware that this is a hard line to take, but missing school can seriously harm your child's education.

Support available for parents and pupils

Schools and Nottingham City Council can help parents and pupils who are struggling with attendance issues.

  • Avoid taking holidays in school time as your child will miss out on lessons
  • Make sure any absence is reported to your school as soon as possible to tell them why your child is absent and when you expect them to return
  • Help your child catch up with missed work, a missed day should not mean missed work
  • If there is a problem with your child's attendance, talk calmly to your child and listen to the explanation
  • Contact your school to address the reason for non-attendance and see how they can help
  •  If you need further help to resolve issues talk to us at Nottingham City Council
  • To get our help please contact us at Children and Families Direct on 0115 876 4800 or  and your call will be directed to the most appropriate support service
  • Alternatively, you can drop into any neighbourhood Children's Centre and see the support available - find your nearest Centre here

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