Time and Place Plan

The City Centre Time and Place Plan focuses on how the various areas of the city centre can be used in different ways to meet the needs of the whole community.

The city centre is the 'shop-window' of the city and its success as an employment, retail and leisure centre is vital to the success of the city as a whole. It is the focus of economic growth and the centre of our vision for a thriving and sustainable 21st century European city.

Nottingham city centre is attractive, well used and easily accessible to residents, customers and commuters. But there are still improvements needed.

The plan designates a new major development area - the Southern Gateway - as well as new city centre quarters, which are distinctive areas that complement the main shopping core, each with different patterns of day and night time activity.

A combination of short term and longer term actions are proposed in the plan to make a difference now as well as to 'join the dots' of development schemes that are already under way or will be happening soon.  

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