Publication Version of the Land and Planning Policies Document

The latest version of the Land and Planning Policies Document - Local Plan Part 2 (Revised Publication Version) has been out for consultation with full details available here.

This page sets out the archive material used at the previous stage for the Publication Version consulted on between 29 January 2016 and 11 March 2016.

Local Plan Part 2

This document is called the Land and Planning Policies Document (LAPP) and contains both Development Management planning policies and site specific land allocations. It will form part 2 of the new Local Plan along with the adopted Core Strategy which is part 1 of the Local Plan.

Core Strategy

The 'Publication Version' follows on from previous consultation including 'Call for Sites', 'Issues and Options stage', 'Additional Sites Consultation' and 'Preferred Option'. This was the version of the plan which the Council intended to submit to the Secretary of State. However due to a number of changes that the Council wishes to make prior to submission, a Revised Publication document has been published with full details available here.

Detailed below are the documents that were published at the prevised Publication Version stage.

Main Document

Land and Planning Policies Document - Local Plan Part 2 - (Publication Version) - This is the main document and sets out proposed planning policies to guide planning decisions and also proposes land allocations for development.

Policies Map - this accompanies the LAPP and shows the boundaries of the site allocations and policy designations referred to in the Development Management Policies. The map is split up into;

A separate interactive online policies map was also made available.  This grouped together similar layers which can be viewed together such as "Transport" or "Historic Environment" and it is possible to turn any of the layers on or off.  Note, those layers marked with an * are made separately to the Local Plan process and may be subject to change.  Data shown outside of the Plan Boundary is not part of the City's Policies Map and may not be up to date. 

Core Documents

Listed below are the core documents that were published.

  • Sustainability Appraisal January 2016 - assesses the economic, social and environmental impacts of the planning policies and site allocations contained within the plan
  • Equalities Impact Assessment January 2016 - assesses the impact of the policies and sites within the Plan with the aim of removing or minimising disadvantages, meeting the needs of people with protected characteristics and encouraging people with protected characteristics to participate in public life
  • Preferred Option Report of Consultation January 2016 - provides a summary of the comments received on the Preferred Options version of the LAPP and the City Council's response to them. It explains how comments have been used to inform the Publication Version of the LAPP
  • Infrastructure Delivery Plan January 2016 - identifies infrastructure required to meet the spatial objectives and growth anticipated by the LAPP
  • Legal Notices - these are the legal notices the Council has to prepare ('Statement of Representation Procedure' and 'Location of Documents for Inspection')

Background Papers

Background Papers were produced, which set out detailed information that informed the LAPP. 

Papers copies of all the documents can be requested at a charge.

Evidence Base

Prior to submission of the LAPP to the Secretary of State a detailed Examination Library will be made available. Until then a list of the main evidence base documents can be found here which will be updated as required.

Consultation Period and Contact Details

Consultation on the Publication version of the LAPP ran between 29 January 2016 and 11 March 2016 and is now closed. Copies of the Publication Version comments can be found here.

If you have any questions or have any problems viewing the documents, please contact the Policy Team by email: localplan@nottinghamcity.gov.uk or telephone: 0115 876 4594.

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