The Local Plan and Planning Policy

A Local Plan sets out local planning policies and identifies how land is used, determining what will be built with a local authority area. Adopted local plans provide the framework for an area's development.

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In Nottingham the Local Plan comprises the Nottingham City Aligned Core Strategy (Part 1 Local Plan) and the 'saved' Local Plan policies, which were adopted in November 2005.


Full details of the Examination of the  Local Plan Part 2 including the Examination Library.




The  Local Plan Part 2 is being reviewed and is currently under Examination.  The Submission Version and associated documents can be found here.

Details of Supplementary Planning Documents and Supplementary Planning Guidance.




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Examination of the Local Plan Part 2 

As part of the Local Plan Review the Submission Version of the Land and Planning Policies – Local Plan Part 2 (LAPP) and all supporting documents were submitted to the Government for examination on 23 April 2018. Beverley Doward BSc BTP MRTPI has been appointed to conduct the examination.  All details related to the examination can be found by clicking the button above there is also an examination news feed. It is anticipated that the associated hearing sessions will commence week commencing 19 November 2018.

Local Geological Site Criteria Consultation

Consultation on Local Geological Site Criteria recently ran for six weeks ending on Monday 2nd July 2018.  All consultation responses will now be considered.  If you have any questions, please email nbgrcg@nottinghamcity.gov.uk.

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