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| All Asda or Nottingham City Council paper Free School Meals (FSM) vouchers will no longer be valid after 31st May, regardless of the printed expiry shown.

Nottingham City Council has worked with several major supermarket chains to operate a voucher or gift card scheme with local supermarkets, that will be available to all parents/guardians of FSM pupils during a period of closure via participating schools.

With the current pressure on schools nationally as a result of Coronavirus, we want to ensure your child continues to receive support in respect of their school meals.

If your child is in receipt of means-tested Free School Meals, your school may issue you with either a £20 or £30 voucher or gift card for food and groceries every two weeks it is closed due to the Coronavirus. Schools may choose to increase the amount from £20 to £30 to be in line with the recently announced Government scheme.

This scheme is coordinated by Nottingham City Council; however, each school will choose the most suitable scheme to use and determine the value of vouchers. Your school will be responsible for communicating any specific arrangements to you

The Government has launched a scheme for schools to join, which provides £15 per week digital vouchers for a range of supermarkets that parents can select.

Further info and FAQs

How do I obtain my child’s voucher or gift card? 

You should speak to your school and ask about the arrangement for your child. You will be able to collect your voucher or gift card from your school or alternatively this may be sent digitally to your email Your school will be able to confirm how its scheme will operate and any future changes that may apply.

How do I get my child’s voucher or gift card if I am self-isolating? 

If your family are self-isolating, you should arrange for a nominated person to collect your voucher or discuss options with your school. Alternatively, this may be sent to you digitally to your email. Your school will be able to confirm how its scheme will operate and any future changes that may apply. For more information and guidance on self-isolation, please visit our dedicated Coronavirus page.

Which voucher or gift card scheme has my school implemented?

Your school will communicate this to you directly. This might be the Government Digital scheme, the Nottingham City Council digital or current physical voucher scheme.

Will my school keep the same voucher or gift card scheme for the duration of closure?

Not necessarily. Each school has been given a choice of voucher or gift card, and they have the flexibility to change. They may also choose to adopt the national scheme of digital vouchers following its introduction or other digital schemes which could be introduced.

Will my school switch to the Government scheme?

Not necessarily. Your school may or may not decide to adopt the national scheme provided by the Government. If they do, they will communicate this change to you directly.

What can I spend the voucher or gift card on?

Vouchers and gift cards issued are strictly intended for use on food and grocery products. Each voucher or gift card will have its own terms & conditions, including specific restrictions on what can and can’t be purchased with them. Supermarkets reserve the right to refuse the sale of any goods that are not food or grocery.

Will I get a choice of voucher or gift card?

The current scheme has only identified one supermarket chain per school for parents to use, however, both the new Government Scheme and the council’s digital scheme will allow parents to select the most appropriate for them, from a list of participating supermarkets.

When can I collect my child’s voucher or gift card?

Vouchers or gift cards will be available for you to collect from school at the beginning of any period of school closure. Specific arrangements will be communicated to you directly from your school.

Which supermarkets will accept Nottingham City Council vouchers?

At present, they are only accepted in the local Asda supermarkets.

What is the value of the Nottingham City Council Vouchers?

There are three different vouchers for schools participating in the Asda scheme, £10, £20 and £30 depending on the value agreed by the school. Please contact your school to check which voucher you should receive.

Why are there different values of Voucher?

Funding for the £20 physical vouchers comes directly from school budgets, which currently have sufficient funds to cover these costs. The Government digital scheme was not launched until the end of April and provides a central fund for vouchers, but increase this amount to £30 per fortnight.

The £30 value is higher than schools receive in funding for Free School Meals, schools may choose to provide vouchers of either £20 or £30 in value to parents.

What are the T&Cs for Nottingham City Council’s voucher?

 An Example Voucher

· This voucher may be redeemed at the identified retailers for food purchases only - up to the value of £20.00 / £10.00 / £30.00. It can be used only once and it will be kept by the store.

· This printed colour voucher has a red serial number top right corner. No copies or suspicious versions or tampered copies should be accepted and the parent should be referred back to their school if this is the case.

· Parents with multiple children at schools can submit more than one voucher for payment in a single transaction.

· Each voucher has a serial number assigned to a school, so they can be tracked to stop misuse. The Asda Store will invoice Nottingham City Council with attached vouchers for payment to be made to the full amount of the attached vouchers.

· These vouchers have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash. No change will be given for transactions less than £20.00 in value.

· The voucher can be used for items like fresh fruit and veg, frozen foods, tinned foods, normal groceries, cereals, crisps pasta, and ambient foods. As well as some soft drinks – like dilute cordial drinks and a small selection of fizzy drinks. It cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco, lottery or household items (food only).

· This voucher does not require the controls implemented for the e-voucher/printed letter vouchers operated by Asda and we do not insist on health range food items only.

· It is the responsibility of the parent to use this voucher scheme for which it is intended and to do so for the express purpose of buying food for their children.

I have been issued with a gift card – where can I use it?

Specific supermarket gift cards are accepted in any store within that chain. Aldi store finder Co-op store finder Morrisons store finder Sainsbury’s store finder


Specific supermarket gift cards are accepted in any store within that chain.

Aldi store finder  

Co-op store finder  

Morrisons store finder

Sainsbury’s store finder


If you have any further questions, please contact your school.