Latest News and Local Plan Consultations

Housing Aid Site, Lower Parliament Street

Draft Informal Planning Guidance has been prepared for the Housing Aid Site, Lower Parliament Street. The draft guidance has been approved for consultation purposes by Councillor Linda Woodings the Portfolio Holder for Planning, Housing and Heritage. To view the draft guidance along with details of how to make comments on the draft document please click here.

Recent Adopted Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) and revised Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

The Council adopted 2 SPDs and a revised Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) in November 2019

Nottingham City Part 2 Local Plan (Land and Planning Policies Document) Proposed Main Modifications

Consultation on the Proposed Main Modifications to the Local Planning Document finished at 5pm on 28 June 2019. The details of this stage can be found on the Main Modification page. All the representations received on the Main Modifications have been forwarded to the Inspector for her consideration, together with Nottingham City’s Summary of Responses to the Proposed Main Modification Consultation which provides a brief response to those issues.  It is then anticipated that the Inspector will issue her final report on the LAPP in late Summer.  If found legally compliant and sound the Plan will then be formally adopted by the Council in early 2020.  

Draft Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Documents

We have recently consulted on a Supplementary Planning Document (SPDs) on biodiversity.   

Document  Sustainability Appraisal (SA)
Biodiversity SPD Separate Biodiversity SA

The Council is now considering the comments with a revised version of the document anticipated in early 2020.

What are Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)?

SPDs are documents which add further detail to the policies in the Local Plan. They can be used to provide further guidance for development on specific sites, or on particular issues. SPDs are capable of being a material consideration in planning decisions but are not part of the statutory development plan.

What if I have queries?

If you have any queries, please contact the Planning Policy & Research team by telephone 0115 876 4594 or by e-mailing