Nottingham Bookstart

Bookstart is a national scheme for families to develop a lifelong love of books. Children receive two free Bookstart packs and can participate in Bear's Reading Adventure and other activities

Bookstart helps you to enjoy books with your child from as early an age as possible.

Bookstart Baby Pack

You'll get your first free Bookstart pack in your baby's first year, usually from your health visitor or other health professional. 

Bookstart Pre school Pack

Your child will get their Bookstart Treasure Pack when they are 3 to 4 years old, from their nursery, playgroup or other early years setting. 

If you want to read more about the Bookstart packs, click here to visit the Bookstart website, where there are also other resources to download including colouring sheets.     

Bear's Reading Adventure 

Bear’s Reading Adventure is a story sticker book which opens up an exciting world of sharing stories, books and rhymes. The story follows Bookstart Bear on his reading adventure, which takes him to the park, supermarket and library. However, there are ten objects missing. Children will get a sticker for each of the missing objects they find, every time they go to the library. Children can join at their local library and get the FREE story sticker book to take home. When a child has collected all ten stickers they get a certificate.

You can ask at your local library or contact the Nottingham Bookstart Office on 0115 915 2844

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