Practical help with life online.


Free online learning courses for using a computer, online shopping and banking, being safe online, video calls, social media and much more.


All about the very basics of keyboard, mouse and turning safely on and off to touchscreens and managing files. Click here to see the whole course and extra resources or choose from below:


How to do all the things that we used to do face to face, but without leaving home. Like going to the shops, meeting friends and family or going to the cinema,

Click here for the main page on all these skills and extra resources, like specific apps WhatsApp, FaceTime or choose what you need from below:


Online safety: when using the internet you will need ways to stay safe online, protecting your personal data and device.

Click here for the full course and resources or pick from the choices below:

There are also parts about online safety in some of the other courses on Learn My Way


The team at Get Nottinghamshire Connected have support to help you get started using the NHS App and lots more. Whether you’re struggling to get online, need some help with using particular applications or to access some free training you can contact their dedicated support line on 0115 883 8873 Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm or email them at

Find out all about their service here: Get Nottinghamshire Connected

You can find out more about the NHS App and what NHS services you can then access via your smartphone or tablet here: The NHS App


More helpful links

Visit the Nottingham City Council Coronavirus page for information on help for residents, benefits, council services, Government advice and other practical help.

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