Street trading guidance

Under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act streets can be designated as "consent", "licensed", or "prohibited" for the purposes of Street Trading.

All streets within the City Centre are designated as either "Consent" or "Prohibited".

Street trading is not allowed on "prohibited" streets, but is allowed on "consent" streets, with the approval of the council, who issue a consent agreements for set positions.

Nottingham City Centre: Consent Streets

The Council have a limited number of pitches on consent streets. At present, these pitches are all allocated.

Should any become available, they will be listed in the business pages of the Nottingham Evening Post.

Nottingham District: Consent Streets

The following streets are consent streets for the Nottingham District and as such Nottingham City Council would be willing to look into creating pitches on these streets.

Alfreton Road
Aspley Lane,
Beechdale Road,
Bracebridge Drive,
Bramcote Lane,
Broxtowe Lane
Carlton Road,
Castle Boulevard
Clifton Lane,
Derby Road
Green Lane,
Gregory Boulevard
Ilkeston Road
Lenton Boulevard,
London Road (except the portion between its junctions with Queens Road and Meadow Lane)
Main St, 
Mansfield Road,
Nottingham Road,
New Basford,
Nuthall Road,
Radford Boulevard,
Radford Road,
Redfield Road,
Southchurch Drive,
University Boulevard,
Vernon Road,
Old Basford,
Wollaton Road,

Fees range from, approximately, £1300 to £6000 per consent per year.

The fee depends upon the location and size of the position and the ranges of goods allowed to be sold from that position.

Consents run from April to March and the majority of traders renew their consent each year. Those positions which become vacant are advertised in the Nottingham Evening Post, we also keep a mailing list and send out applications to traders selling goods suitable for the position.

Many people ask about trading on a piece of land, such as a car park outside a club, off the highway. There are no regulations under the Local Government Act, however trading from a car park will normally require immediate planning permission since this would be classed as a "change of use". The owner of the property will need to contact the council planning department.

A pedlar is traditionally someone who travels on foot, from town to town, selling from door to door. Certificates are issued by the police, and once issued can be used anywhere in the United Kingdom. A pedlar cannot remain in one place and sell items, a pedlar goes to their customers rather than allow customers to come to them. 

If you do want to remain in one place (or in that vicinity), then you would require a street trading consent. A pedlar may not set up a permanent pitch of any sort.

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