School Keep Clear

Information on the "School Keep Clear" campaign including how to get involved and create your own video.

To support our ongoing School Parking Enforcement Programme the City Council is launching a new school parking safety campaign.

Hundreds of school children asking parents to park further away and not on the school zig zags to ensure their safety.

Nottingham is keen on reproducing this video to provide a more localised feel to the campaign, sharing the messages that it promotes plus raising awareness of safe parking surrounding schools.

Nottingham City Council's very own Traffic and Safety team have started this off by filming their very own version of the video... I'm sure you can do better!

The Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood and his merry Civil Enforcement Officers get together to help spread the safer parking message!

Cantrell Primary School are the latest to join in and create their own video.

Riverside Primary have also taken up the School Keep Clear challenge by writing and singing their own original song.

Getting Involved

We are challenging all Nottingham residents, students, staff and parents to get together and make your own one to two minute video to help promote and support this safety campaign

School Keep Clear Song

Your video can be shot however you want but it must include the following chorus:

"So stop, and think and park somewhere else, the yellow lines are to protect ourselves.
Park somewhere else, it might be further away, but better for us to stay safe every day.
So stop, and think and don't park here Let us cross safely, without any fear Park somewhere else, it might be further away, but better for us to stay safe every day.
The zig-zag lines say "school keep clear". If you don't understand, it means don't park here!

The full lyrics can be found by downloading the "School Keep Clear Full song". You can also download the music to go along with your video at the bottom of this page

Once we receive a video we will promote it through our social media channels and post them on this page too, asking people to like and comment on them.

p.s make sure you use the hashtag #SchoolKeepClear in your posts so we can find them.