The Road Safety team uses the information about injury accidents to try to understand what and where the dangers on the roads are and then try to make the roads, and the routes to school, safer.

Collecting and analysing road accident statistics

All injury accidents that are reported to the Police have their details recorded, such as the weather; the time and date; where the accident occurred; details of the people and vehicles involved, including manoeuvres, injuries and damage.

The latest information is available n the NOMAD website. For more detailed information please contact the Road Safety Team. Please be aware that there may be a cost associated with providing the data.

Introducing Road Safety engineering works

Once the accident information has been investigated then the Road Safety team develop possible solutions to reduce casualties. This might be at a specific junction, along a route or even whole areas of the City.

Road Safety Auditing

A Road Safety Audit is a mandatory requirement for anything that will change how the road operates, such as a new junction, or installs something that could be hit, such as a new sign or telecom box. These changes could arise from council initiatives or submissions from developers or utility companies.

The aim is to ensure that proposed changes will not present a safety hazard to road users. Safety Audits are undertaken at various stages including the preliminary design, final design and after construction. Our trained and experienced safety auditors are available to undertake road safety audits on your behalf. We are able to travel throughout the UK and beyond.

For Nottingham's road a safety audit can only be undertaken by a trained safety auditor who has been approved by the Road Safety team. A member of the Road Safety team must also be involved. A fee is chargeable which covers the auditor time, travel cost and incurred expenses.

If you are proposing something that will alter the road, would like to enquire about our safety audit services, or would like more information on safety auditing, then please contact us