Card Types and Prices

Pay As You Go Cards

The PAYG card offers an easier option compared to buying a cash ticket. The cost of travel is deducted automatically from the pre-loaded balance on the card, so you do not have to worry about always carrying the correct change.

For more information about the PAYG card, including the Adult and Under 19 options, and the costs of trips on different operators, please visit the Robin Hood website.


Season Cards

The Season card offers discounted travel for people who use public transport most often.
The Season card is available for Adults, Under 19s and Students, and can be used on most buses, the tram and trains within the Robin Hood boundary.

For more information about the Season card, including information on how to purchase your first one and the costs, please visit the Robin Hood website.

Direct Debit

A direct debit can be set up for both Adult and Under 19s Season cards. If you wish to pay for your season card by direct debit, you will need to visit the Travel Centre (located at the Nottingham Tourism and Travel Centre) to set it up.

For more information, please visit the Robin Hood Network site or email Travel Centre staff at

Lost Cards

If you have misplaced your card, please contact the Travel Centre by emailing

You will need to pay £3.00 for your new card.