To qualify for a Mobility pass, you must either:

  • Be sight impaired or severely sight impaired
  • Be severely deaf (minimum hearing loss if it reaches 70 dB HL)
  • Be without speech in any language 
  • Have a disability, or an injury, which has substantial long term effect on the ability to walk 
  • Not have arms or have long term loss of the use of both arms
  • Have a learning disability, which includes significant impairment of intelligence and social functioning
  • Be prevented from being granted a motor vehicle licence under Part III of the Road Traffic Act 1998, section 92 (other than on the grounds of persistent misuse of drugs or alcohol)

If you meet a minimum of one of the criteria above, you can either apply online or visit the Travel Centre in person (located in the Nottingham Tourism and Travel Centre, Smithy Row, just off Old Market Square behind the Left Hand Lion). 

Mobility Smartcard Eligibility Criteria

Apply online

You can now apply for your mobility concessionary card online. 

Apply for your card online

Concessionary Cards - Privacy Notice

Apply at the Travel Centre

Nottingham Tourism and Travel Centre
1-4 Smithy Row (next to Old Market Square)

Opening times:

9.30am – 5.15pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (except bank holidays)

10.30am – 5.15pm

You will need to take with you:

  • Proof of your address (e.g. a bank statement, utility bill, Council Tax bill (dated within the last 3 months), television licence)
  • Proof of your age (e.g. passport, letter of pension entitlement, medical card, birth certificate, driving licence)
  • If you’re on the higher rate of the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance, you will need to bring a copy of this with you too
  • You will also need to know your National Insurance number as this is required on the application form

Whilst you’re there, your photograph will be taken for your new card and once your application has been processed, your card will be posted to your home address. This can take up to 10 working days. Please note: due to the COVID-19 outbreak, processing your concessionary card may currently take up to 20 working days. 

You can download the application form in advance.

This allows you to print it out and fill it in before visiting the travel centre. This form is a writable PDF and can therefore be completed on a computer without having to print out the form and write the information by hand.

The application process

If you’re on the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance, or receive 8 or more points under moving around or communicating verbally of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), you do not need to attend a medical assessment as you will have an automatic entitlement to a mobility card.

If you believe that you are eligible to apply for a Mobility pass, you will be asked to make an appointment with an independent assessor based on Mansfield Road.

They will assess whether you meet the criteria for the card. They will offer you an appointment within 2 weeks from the date in which your phone (this process must not take longer than 4 weeks) and you’ll need to take with you any medical evidence to support your application.

Following your appointment, if you’re assessed as being eligible, your card will be produced and posted to you within 10 working days. If you do not meet the criteria, we will write to you and let you know.

If you didn’t supply proof of this at the application stage, you’ll have the opportunity to once we’ve processed your application when we write to you.

Please note: you will be automatically eligible for a mobility concessionary card and will not have to undergo the assessment if...

  • You are in receipt of the higher rate DLA mobility component
  • You receive PIP and you have been awarded 8 points against either "moving around" and/or "communicating verbally" activities
  • You are in receipt of War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement
  • You are registered with the local authority as blind, partially-sighted, or profoundly or severely deaf