The Robin Hood Partnership 

The local councils, and the different bus, tram and train operators, are working in partnership to provide an integrated network of public transport services across Nottingham.

Together, operators and councils are offering simple and smart solutions to travelling across the network with a family of smart card travel solutions. This is supported by on-street ticketing machines, on-street printed and real time information, and travel centres.

The Robin Hood partnership was established in 2003 as the Kangaroo partnership. At the time, the main bus operators for Nottingham joined forces to offer a ticket that was accepted on any form of public transport. The Kangaroo ticket was born as a scratch off option first, before being developed into a season smart card and a day travel smart card. In 2015, the Kangaroo was renamed and relaunched as the Robin Hood Network.

To create an integrated network across Nottingham, the partners have come together and formed to the Robin Hood operators group. Here, they work together to create a seamless network of different modes of transport.

The operators group agree how the network can best operate and integrate around Nottingham, set the boundary area to the scheme, the integrated ticketing prices and family of cards.

The Robin Hood family of smart cards means that there is no need to buy separate tickets for each mode of transport, or each operator. It’s just a quick ‘beep’ of the card, and away you go.