Nottingham City Council has been working in partnership with public transport operators for many years to improve service standards and waiting facilities and to reduce emissions and improve air quality for everyone in the city.

In Nottingham, an Advanced Quality Partnership (AQPS) is being put in place to improve bus services through the delivery of effective bus priority and other measures. This will enable services to be operated more reliably.

The AQPS requires the Local Transport Authority to agree to improve facilities such as bus stops and bus lanes at specific locations along bus routes.

As part of the agreement, operators who then wish to use these facilities must agree to make improvements to their services to meet a specified standard. For example, this could mean that they improve their buses or make improvements to their driver training standards. Only the operators that agree to make improvements can then use the improved bus facilities.

The improvements that Nottingham’s Local Transport Authority intend to implement are:

  • Requiring buses to be at least Euro VI compliant by 2020
  • Traffic signal priority at busy junctions
  • Slot booking at busy bus stops to improve bus flow

As well as the benefits that this provides to the users of the public transport services, the introduction of the AQPS can protect existing operators in the area and their services by preventing new operators coming into the city and undermining their services by operating cheap, low quality ones.