There are over 1500 real time displays at bus stops across the Robin Hood network. They show arrival times of the next bus and count down the minutes until your bus arrives.

How it works

Each bus is fitted with GPS, which is tracked using satellites to pinpoint their location. The real time system will calculate how long your bus will take to arrive at the stop. If the roads are busy with traffic, the system will calculate a slightly longer time in which your service will arrive at the stop.

Messages scroll across the bottom of the display to inform you of any changes to the service, diversions or delays. If you notice a real time display that is not working or has been damaged, please let us know by emailing

Owners of the real time system

Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council own and maintain the electronic displays. Nottingham City Council manages the real time display information and the scrolling messages on behalf of the local bus operators and other authorities.

Real time information on your mobile

Download the Robin Hood app for real time information for all buses and trams in Nottingham. Get the times from your stop before you even leave the house, plus access timetables and journey planning tools.

You can find “Robin Hood Network” on Google Play or the App Store