At your bus stop, you will find all or some of the following:

A shelter

At most city centre bus stops, you will find a glass shelter that will keep you protected from the elements and light up the surrounding area. The shelter also contains seats so that you can be comfortable whilst you wait.

Real time information

There will be a real time sign that shows the next three departures. These displays give customers the confidence that their bus is on the way, and how many minutes they have until it will arrive at the stop.

Robin Hood ticket machines

There are Robin Hood ticket machines at many bus stops across the city. These machines are for the purchase and top-up of Robin Hood smart cards.

Frequent routes map

In the shelter case, you will find a map that shows you the most frequent bus and tram services, where you can go with your Robin Hood card and where the boundaries are. There will also be a map of the city centre that shows where you will find bus stops, bus stations and city landmarks.

Bus stop plate

This is at the very top of the bus stop pole and shows all the services that stop at the bus stop. The font size has been increased on these to enable more customers to read the service numbers.

Timetable cases

Most stops have a four-sided timetable case that displays information such as route maps, timetables and operator contact details for the services that operate from that stop.

Raised kerbs

These enable a seam-free entrance on and off the bus. Local buses are all fully accessible and low-floor for wheelchair users and people with pushchairs.