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Restricted Access Permits

Certain areas of Nottingham may have restrictions to access and all waiting, loading and unloading activity.
Special access permits can be used to allow access or limited parking under certain conditions (e.g. Blue Badge holders) within these areas.

Blue Badge holders can park in the pedestrianised areas until 10 am and after 4:30 pm.
Between 10 am and 4:30 pm, Blue Badge holders are not allowed to park in these areas. 
Blue Badge holders who receive the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance may apply for a Restricted Access Permit which will allow parking in the Pedestrian Area at any time. 

Disabled Restricted Access Permits Costs 

  • Disabled Restricted Access Permits: £10.00
  • Change of vehicle details: £10.00
  • To replace a lost permit: £10.00
Download Disabled Restricted Access Permit Application

Blue Badge and the Clear Zone

Registered Blue Badge holders can access the city centre Clear Zone area.

A penalty notice can be issued if the Blue Badge driver is recorded driving in the Clear Zone in a vehicle that does not have its registration number in the database.

Blue Badge holders issued with a Penalty Notice should appeal against the fine, with appropriate evidence of their status. The vehicle's registration number can be added to the database, preventing future Notices from being issued.

If you want to add your details to the database or challenge a Penalty Notice, please call Tel: 0115 876 1966.

Business Restricted Access Permits Costs

  • Business Restricted Access Permits: £100.00
  • Change of vehicle details: £25.00
  • To replace a lost permit: £75.00
Download Business Restricted Access Permit Application