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The goal of NEVS is to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles across Nottingham and its surrounding area. We aim to provide an affordable service which is also informative; our mechanics and front office team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding your vehicle, to offer tips on getting the most from your EV and, because we will be maintaining a full range of electric vehicles, we will also look to offer impartial, expert advice on your potential next EV.

Added to the above, because we are a local authority, any surplus made from NEVS will be reinvested in to the local area so as well as receiving a high class service, you will also be helping your local community.

We are aiming to be open for our internal fleet in April 2020, we will then organise some initial test MOTs and services and be open shortly thereafter.

To begin with we will be open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 8am to 4pm, but as demand for NEVS increases, so will our opening times.

NEVS will be adjacent to the Tamar Building at Eastcroft Depot, London Road, NG2 3AH; signage will be on site to direct you to NEVS once it is open. We operate a secure site which is only open to Nottingham City Council staff and visitors so your vehicle will be safe and secure while with us.

Anyone with a hybrid or full battery electric vehicle. We will cater for businesses and individuals alike and can maintain cars and vans under 3.5 tonne.

NEVS will also be maintaining Nottingham City Council’s fully electric cage tippers in the facility and, height dependant, we will be able to work on larger commercial electric vehicles.

We will perform all service, repair and maintenance works on vehicles, including MOTs, interim services, major services, repairs, air-con refills, vehicle diagnostics and wheel alignment. We can also complete tyre and bodywork repairs using our third party contractors.

Please email NEVS@nottinghamcity.gov.uk to create a provisional booking which will be confirmed once NEVS is launched. We will be looking for some early customers to try the service centre and provide feedback on the customer journey - if you would like to be one of these customers, please get in touch ASAP using the email address above.

The price list for MOTs and servicing is in the final stages of being worked through, we will update our webpage and these FAQs when the price list has been confirmed.

We would always suggest booking ahead to ensure your vehicle is seen on a day and time to suit you but if you do turn up on the day with no booking, we will do our best to fit you in as soon as possible, depending on how much booked in work we have.

All our staff are fully qualified for the work they are undertaking. As well as being qualified light vehicle mechanics, they have attained a minimum of level 3 IMI in hybrid/EV vehicle repairs and diagnostics, with the master mechanics qualified to level 4.

No, we will use genuine manufacturer parts and therefore there will be no impact on your warranty.

Yes, we will MOT, service and repair all hybrid and pure battery electric vehicles.

Yes, our mechanics have attained a minimum of level 3 IMI in hybrid/EV vehicle repairs and diagnostics, with the master mechanics qualified to level 4. All our mechanics will have completed a high voltage diagnostic course run by EMTEC.

We also have diagnostic kits with the latest after-market software to help with the swift diagnosis and repair of any issues.

NEVS will offer nationwide vehicle recovery through a third party (currently Nottingham Breakdown). The cost ranges from £50.00 to £162.50 (exc. VAT), depending on the size of the vehicle and the recovery distance from NEVS.

Upgrading your on-board charger would not be feasible for us to do; the equipment required to do this would be manufacturer build quality and not available to us. Also, any aftermarket alterations to the charging system could potentially cause a fire risk as well as invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty. It is therefore not work we would look to undertake and we would recommend you contact your manufacturer.

Yes, we will be providing the facility to charge your vehicle just outside NEVS. The price of the charge will be included in the price of the repair/service/MOT; this offer will be subject to demand as we currently only have 8 available charge points.

We will repair and replace tyres, initially using our third party contractor. If it proves commercially viable in the future, we will look to undertake this work in-house.

We are currently investigating the possibility of offering a courtesy car, subject to customer demand. We will however be offering the use of courtesy electric bikes, allowing people to make use of Nottingham’s fantastic cycle network with as much or as little effort as they would like. We feel courtesy e-bikes are the best way to encourage carbon neutral travel from our customers.

The brake components are similar to ICE vehicles, so we can repair the braking system. The regenerative system via the motor generally means that the brakes are actually used less therefore do not wear as quickly.

There will be a reception area with free Wi-Fi on site with sofas and a coffee machine, so that you can work (or watch Fully Charged!) while you wait. We will also be providing tablets with magazine subscriptions. 

The only difference between petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles is the engine and drive train. Anything that needs fixing on an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle would require repair on a hybrid or EV (brakes, tyres, suspension components, steering components, air con system, headlights, etc).

We will be looking to recruit an electric vehicle apprentice over the next year but we have been concentrating on upskilling our own team and getting NEVS operational first. We will also be open to showing other mechanics and businesses around NEVS, discussing the benefits of hybrid and electric vehicles as well as the training, equipment and skills required to run an electric vehicle garage.

Currently we have no plans to offer any formal in-house training within NEVS but we intend to investigate the feasibility of this in the medium term.

Due to recent growth in our commercial contracts at our light vehicle garage at Woolsthorpe depot (the profit from which subsidises the cost of Nottingham City Council’s own fleet), the site has reached capacity and will not allow the further growth in commercial work that we have secured. There is no scope for expanding the garage at Woolsthorpe and therefore an alternative was required.

By creating NEVS we satisfy the current and future demands on Nottingham City Council’s fleet, allow future growth in Fleet Services’ commercial contracts and it provides us with the opportunity to offer ULEV maintenance to the wider public. NEVS will aid in enabling the uptake of low and zero emission vehicles across the council, business fleets and the general public.

Due to efficiency savings obtained within the council from the conversion to electric vehicles and the expected income generated from the site, we believe that NEVS will breakeven in year ten of operation.

As with all council decisions, we aim to ensure the best value for money for the taxpayer and, where possible, a return on investment. While NEVS will provide this direct return, the major objective is to encourage electric vehicle uptake across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire; informing the public of the critical need to improve our air quality and the impact converting to electric vehicles could have.

For all enquiries, please email: NEVS@nottinghamcity.gov.uk