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In 2020, Nottingham City Council are opening the UK's first local authority run Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) service centre - Nottingham Electric Vehicle Services (NEVS).

NEVS will enable Nottingham City Council to service, MOT and repair its own growing fleet of electric vehicles and also offer these services to other local authorities, businesses and the general public - creating a hub for electric vehicle maintenance and knowledge sharing in the East Midlands. 

NEVS will provide specialist technicians, plant and equipment and utilise the latest ULEV technology; catering for electric cars, vans and taxis as well as specialist vehicles such as street sweepers and cage tippers. 

Why is NEVS needed?

NEVS allows Nottingham City Council to maintain its own growing fleet of electric vehicles and expand into a market which is currently under-served and on the verge of rapid growth.

NEVS further demonstrates Nottingham City Council's commitment to reducing emissions in Nottingham as a response to the Ministerial Direction issued in 2017 and helps to support the Council's ambition for Nottingham to become the First carbon-neutral city in the UK by 2028.

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