*Nottingham City Council’s popular Travel Training service is changing the way it works to support even more young people.
The Independent Travel Training (ITT) service will continue to work with individuals through direct referrals from schools, colleges, SEND services and Futures.

However now the service will also train up schools and colleges so they can deliver the programme directly to their students – significantly increasing the number of young people who will be able to access the service.

The new model was launched at Woodlands School in Aspley on 15th May in a ceremony celebrating the service’s greatest successes so far.

Woodlands Headteacher Carol Barker gave a rousing speech arguing how important services like this are for the independence of her students.

*“Going to town for a coke or getting some milk from the shop, choosing a college based on what you want to do and not on how easy it is to get to and enjoying a night out with mates... this is self-esteem boosting and confidence enhancing.

“The world opens up when you can move around it”.

It’s a point that Travel Training alumni and fellow speaker Mitchel Brailsford-Nelson echoed in his speech.
He said: “This will lead to big adventures for me.

“I can soon go by myself as I am taught to be safe and know what to do… I can’t wait to go on the bus by myself”.

For more information regarding ITT you can contact 0115 8764188 or email itt@nottinghamcity.gov.uk