Broadmarsh Regeneration - FAQs

Where can I park?

Parking is available for shoppers at Lace Market Car Park on Fletcher Gate, and at Sheriff’s Lodge on Canal Street near the London Road roundabout. More details about these, other car parking options and maps can be found here.

Visit parkopedia for details on all car parks and prices in Nottingham

Will it cost more to park?

No – the charges from Broadmarsh Car Park will remain, although the early bird parking discount will no longer be valid. This is to ensure shoppers can park here and workers in the area don’t dominate the car park, denying access to shoppers.

Where can I park? How else can I get into the city? 

Happily, the team at Transport Nottingham have written a blog about getting into the city centre. You can read “City centre parking made easy” by clicking the link.

How disruptive will the demolition and construction be?

 All the works in the Broadmarsh area have been carefully considered with your journey in mind, with works planned to keep disruption to a minimum.

To establish a safe zone for demolition and construction, contractors have created a perimeter around the car park to allow the work to take place.

The road improvements the council has undertaken in the last year or so have aimed to reduce congestion once these works start. 

The City Council has undertaken these works to ensure traffic can still flow during these works, but the Broadmarsh area works are some of the biggest city centre regeneration works taking place in the UK.

This means there will be some disruption, but the maps showing alternative routes have been designed to make sure people can still visit their families, commute and attend events around the city without getting caught in city centre traffic.

Are the shops in intu Broadmarsh still open?

Absolutely. It’s business as usual at intu Broadmarsh: the idea is to improve the area, and part of that means people still need to be able to use it. This includes the shopping centre and the other nearby bars, cafes and shops.

Can I still use all entrances to intu Broadmarsh?

Yes, access to intu Broadmarsh through Lister Gate, Tanner’s Walk, Drury Walk and Collin Street is remaining open during the demolition. It is safe to walk through the area. The only entrances that are closed are from the bridge to the Car Park, as the Car Park will be shut, and the subway entrance from Carrington Street, is also shut.


Have there been changes to pedestrian routes?

Not at this stage of the Broadmarsh area works. The pedestrian island at the traffic lights on Canal Street is being made bigger to help people to access intu Broadmarsh through Sussex Street and Tanner’s Walk, but that’s about it.

I used to get a taxi from Carrington Street. Where do I get one now?

Taxis can be caught from Trent Street near the train station, which is about a five minute walk from Carrington Street. From 7pm to 4am, taxis also rank at Greyfriar Gate near the Arndale Car Park. You can of course hail a taxi in the street if you see one with its light on.

I used to use the roads around the Car Park on my way somewhere else. Given lanes will be closed, where can I go instead?

The works done around the area have been designed to maintain a flow of traffic but there is the possibility of disruption. The City Council has created maps to show alternative routes people can use, not just in the city centre but around the entire city area so that people can continue to get around.

 How do I get in touch if I have questions?

 You can contact us on 0115 876 3334 or email

Where is the money coming from?

Investment in the Broadmarsh car park doesn’t come from council tax. Funding has been provided by key partners involved in the regeneration of the Broadmarsh area and borrowing. Over time, the development will pay for itself through income generation which will also help to pay for key council services.

Are you doing any more roadworks while Broadmarsh works are underway?

We are conscious that while this redevelopment is needed in the area, these works are likely to cause disruption. Considering this, we are intending to keep any other roadworks nearby or on diversionary routes to an absolute minimum so you are able to get around the city. There may be instances where emergency works need to take place, but when this happens we will work closely with contractors and external agencies to get these works finished as quickly as possible.