Our workforce grows with us” Creating a culture of learning that builds our workforce’s ability to manage and deal with future challenges is vital to provide the best services and reflects our practice-based learning culture. We need to support our colleagues to renew skills at pace, as best practice is constantly emerging. We would like learning opportunities to become more integrated within the working day, with colleagues taking ownership of their own development to enable a more agile, flexible and adaptable workforce. With our workforce development opportunities we hope to support better engagement and retention, reduce staff turnover and have happier and more fulfilled colleagues. We need to ensure we respond to learning needs identified through the CIS Improvement Plan, practice audits, Serious Case Reviews and Serious/Critical Incidents. We will look to further embed our strengths based culture through our Signs of Safety tools and practice as part of our Practice Model for the whole of CIS.

Corporate and CIS Whole Directorate Essential Training

All Colleagues

  • General data Protection Regulations (GDPR) E-Learning (Refresh 1 year)
  • Information Security Awareness E-Learning
  • Freedom of Information (FOI) E-Learning
  • Health and Safety Induction E-learning
  • Records Management E-Learning (Refresh 1 year)
  • Financial Awareness  for Everyone E-Learning (If working in finance)
  • Equality in the Workplace E-Learning
  • Protecting People A (Safer recruitment and working practices framework)
  • Prevent E-Learning
  • Induction Welcome Event
  • Equality and Diversity in Practice Workshop
  • Delivering Great Customer Care Workshop

Manager Specific

  • How to Work Within the Financial Regulatory Framework E-Learning
  • How to Manage Attendance E-Learning
  • Health & Safety E-Learning Modules 1 & 2 (& 3 if Premises Manager)
  • Unconscious Bias Awareness E-learning & Workshop
  • Recruitment for Managers E-Learning & Workshop
  • How to Manage Grievances E-Learning
  • How to Manage Disciplinary Issues E-Learning
  • Protecting People for Managers B (Safer Recruitment and Working Practices Framework) E-Learning
  • Leading People (0.5)
  • Performance Management & Appraisal Workshop for Managers (0.5)
  • Approach to Complaint Handling Workshop (0.5)

All CIS Colleagues

  • Introduction to Safeguarding Children (Refresh 3 years) (Inc Contextualised Safeguarding, Domestic Abuse)
  • CIS Induction (0.5)
  • Trauma Informed Practice (2 days) Not a requirement for Business Support

All CIS Managers

  • Child Death Procedures (Not a requirement for Business Support)
  • Grievance & Disciplinary workshop (NEW under development)
  • Trauma Informed Practice for Managers (in development)
  • Reflective & Case Supervision (Case Holding Managers Only review)
  • Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management for Residential Child- care (Residential managers only) (24 month programme)

Essential Training by Specialism 

Early Help / 0 - 5 Services

  • CSE E-learning
  • Liquid Logic User Guide E-Learning
  • Food Hygiene Certificate E-Learning (Refresh 3 years)
  • SOS 2 days (2 days)
  • Paediatric First Aid (Refresh 3 years) (2 days) Solihull Approach (under review)
  • Early Years Foundation Stage - in house induction training
  • Sandstories (Neglect)
  • Whole Family Worker (level 2 & 3 in
  • development
  • Mental Health First Aid Youth LITE (5)
  • Information Brief/Advice Basic Health Messages (Public Health)

Play and Youth

  • CSE E-Learning
  • CCE E-learning (under development
  • Liquid Logic User Guide E-Learning
  • Food Hygiene Certificate E-Learning (Refresh 3 years)
  • Basic Drug Awareness E-Learning under review)
  • SOS Awareness (0.5)
  • PI/Breakaway Skills (Refresh 1 year)
  • Emergency/ Paediatric First Aid (Refresh 3 years) (1/2 days)
  • Mental Health First Aid Youth (2 days)
  • Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Self Harm Awareness (0.5)

Supervising Social Workers (Fostering)

  • CSE E-learning
  • Liquid Logic User Guide E-Learning
  • SOS Awareness (0.5)
  • Supervision Incorporating Reflective Practice
  • Safer Caring for Foster carers
  • Dealing with Allegations Against Foster Carers / LADO Role (under development)
  • The Solihull Approach (2 days)
  • Good Assessment Skills (including forms of abuse under review)

Targeted Intervention/MST/ MST CAN/Edge of Care/TST

  • CSE E-learning
  • Liquid Logic User Guide E-Learning
  • SOS (2 days)
  • Licensed Training Compliance (see separate documents)

Youth Justice Service

  • CSE E-learning
  • CCE E-learning (under development)
  • Liquid Logic User Guide E-Learning?
  • Basic Drug Awareness E-Learning (under review)
  • SOS (2 days)
  • Asset Plus
  • Pre-Sentence Report
  • Restorative Justice
  • Court Skills (2 days)
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse
  • PI/Breakaway Skills (Refresh 1 year)


  • CSE E-learning
  • Liquid Logic User Guide E-Learning
  • Basic Drug awareness E-Learning
  • Mental Health Act (E learning & Classroom based)
  • Good assessment Skills (including forms of abuse)
  • SOS (2 days)
  • Self-harm Module 1 & 2 (0.5)
  • Transgender Child (SHARP) (0.5)
  • Suicide Awareness (T3 CAMHS) (0.5)
  • Young People and Relationship Abuse
  • Sandstories (Neglect)


Both mainstream and disability residential:

  • CSE E-learning
  • CCE E-learning (under development)
  • Basic Drugs Awareness e-learning (under re- view)
  • Food Hygiene level 3 E-learning (Refresh 3
    • years)
  • Medication Training E-learning (refresh 2 year)
  • An introduction to residential care E-learning
  • Code of conduct and professional boundaries E-learning
  • FGM E-Learning
  • SOS Awareness (0.5)
  • Level 3 Diploma in residential care (12 month programme)
  • PI//Breakaway Skills (Refresh 1 year)
  • Emergency First Aid (Refresh 3 years)
  • Self-harm awareness (0.5)

Residential disability teams only

  • Safeguarding Disabled Children & SEND E-Learning (under development)
  • Autism Awareness E-Learning
  • Makaton (2 days)
  • Mental Capacity Act and SEND Reforms
  • Assisting People to move (Refresh 3 years)

Essential Training by CIS Specialism 

Targeted Family Support

  • CSE E-learning
  • CCE E-learning (under development)
  • Basic Drugs Awareness e-learning (under review)
  • Liquid Logic User Guide E-Learning
  • FGM E-Learning
  • SOS (2 days)
  • Whole Family Worker Qualification (level 4) (10 month programme)
  • Good Assessment Skills (including forms of abuse)
  • Solihull Approach (Under review)
  • Sandstories (Neglect)
  • Mental Health First Aid Youth (2 days)

Leaving Care 16+ Team

  • Safeguarding Adults
  • Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers System /Human Rights Assessment
  • Housing Options
  • Handling Difficult Conversations (0.5)
  • Resolving Conflict Everyday Workshop(5)
  • Good Assessment Skills/Pathway Planning review

Field Work/Duty/ Children in Care Social Workers/ASYE/Level 2/Level 3 SW


  • CSE E-Learning*
  • CCE E-Learning* (Under development)
  • Modern Slavery awareness E-Learning*
  • Liquid Logic User Guide E-Learning*
  • FGM E-learning*
  • Don’t Neglect the issue E-learning
  • Basic Drug Awareness E-learning* (under review)
    • SOCIAL Work Practice Model
  • SOS (2 days)
    • Understanding Child Development 
  • Child Development under review)

Assessment Training

  • Parent Assessment Framework (under regional development)
  • Human Rights Assessments No Recourse to Public Funds
  • Age Assessment (all levels of Duty and some Leaving Children in Care)
  • Good Assessment Skills /Care Planning (including forms of abuse) review
  • Complex Risk Assessment L2/L3 (look to review to include MAPPA, Rapid response to child death, suicide) review

Managing Risk

  • Undertaking Section 47 with Safeguarding Board Procedures (2 days)
  • Working with Children & YP impacted by domestic violence and abuse
  • Understanding & responding to Domestic Violence & Abuse
  • Challenging DV; Good practice guidelines for working with male perpetrators
  • Advanced Safeguarding (under development)
  • Managing Chronic & Persistent Neglect (under review)

Case Planning and Multi-Agency Working

  • Court Work Skills/Legal Updates (2 days)
  • Chairing Core Groups L2/3

SW Agency Access

  • Match essential training to the Assessment & Accreditation 3 Levels of Professional Practice to succeed to next level

CIS Business Support

  • Managing Yourself and Your Time E-Learning
  • Effective Minute Taking E-Learning/Recording Action Points & Meetings
  • Oracle I-Procurement Workshop
  • Resolving Conflict Everyday Workshop(5)

Housing Aid

  • CSE E-learning
  • Modern Slavery Awareness E-Learning
  • SOS Awareness (0.5)
  • De-escalation techniques (under development)
  • Homelessness Reduction Act
  • Security of Tenure
  • Eligibility – persons from aboard
  • Relationship Breakdown & Domestic Violence
  • Homelessness Prevention
  • Tenancy Deposits and Notices


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