Hi, I’m Nicole Harris and I currently work as the Service Manager for the North Locality Fieldwork Social Services. I have worked for Nottingham City Children’s Services for 10 years – my whole Social Work career! I came into Social Work from a background of doing Support Work in Adult Residential Settings and I wanted to become a Social Worker working with Adults with Learning Disabilities. However I did my first Social Work placement at a Nottingham City Children’s Centre and there was no turning back. I completed my final placement in the Meadows Neighbourhood Fieldwork team and never looked back.

I have progressed through the ranks at Nottingham, starting as a Student Social Worker into a qualified role, and later into a Senior Practitioner and Team Manager role before becoming a Service Manager 2 years ago. The opportunities for development at Nottingham have meant that I have always felt that I have had opportunities to develop my knowledge and skills. I thoroughly enjoy my current role which gives me a chance to offer support to Social Work teams, work to improve Social Work practice across the city and build relationships with our partner agencies.

My time at Nottingham City has been challenging and exciting. There is never a dull moment. I have worked with some amazing colleagues and professionals throughout my time and I absolutely feel that children are the priority for everyone involved. I have never felt alone when working my cases and can always rely on my colleagues for support, skills and to share their expertise. I have felt supported throughout and even in the challenging times I have always felt that Managers and Senior Leaders ‘had my back’. Social Work is a tough job and it has always been of utmost importance to me that I feel safe and supported and that has always been the case at Nottingham City.

Nottingham is a challenging but great place to work. There is so much variety in the work that we do that the problems we support families with. I am immensely proud to work for Nottingham City, we are a team of incredibly hardworking and passionate Social Workers/Family Support Workers and everyone else who supports us. I have never regretted the decision to stay at Nottingham and I would encourage anyone thinking of applying to Nottingham to give us a try.

My name is Yasmin Khan I am a Supervising social worker with the connected person’s team in Nottingham city.

I joined the team as an agency worker in June 2020 and was interviewed by two managers in the connected person’s team. I instantly felt comfortable and very much engaged in the interview and the conversation that followed I felt the managers were very passionate, had great vision and purpose for the service they provided. They came across as very warm and relational. I made my mind up that I would go for a permanent post when one came up. The feedback from the interview was that the managers thought I was engaging, passionate about my work and they would at some point like me to a permanent member of the team.

For me the change from agency to permanent member of the team did not come from the financial aspect as money in social work is not the motivator, it is the services we offer and if we have a supportive team then great things can be achieved .I have been a social worker for 37 years and I am still passionate about my role as I ever was. I like working for Nottingham city and feel it has a lot to offer me.

Hi, my name is Anna I joined Nottingham City on the 1st July 2020 where I was initially employed as a family support worker whilst awaiting my social work registration. I had not completed a placement at Nottingham City, nor did I have any experience in the local authority. However, I was swayed into applying to the local authority by positive experiences of peers at University, the ethos behind their social work practice and the promise of progression.

Despite starting in the midst of a pandemic, I have felt supported and like a valued part of the team right from the beginning. I have been given plenty of opportunities to incorporate my knowledge from university into my practice, reflect on my experience, and develop my skills and knowledge further.


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