Hello, my name is Lorraine McPherson-Bravo and I am the Social Work Development Consultant at Nottingham City Council. My role involves:

  • Providing Social Work development solutions in design, delivery and evaluation of training, development and qualification activities in accordance with the National Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) for Social Workers, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and specific directorate initiatives in building a robust Social Work workforce.
  • Manage ASYE programme for all schemes involving newly qualified social workers.
  • Co-ordinate and manage the Grow Our Own Social Worker Programme in conjunction with the qualification provider and support cohorts into SW posts.
  • Support SW retention through a number of initiatives such as the experienced SW panel, exit interviews for newly qualified and advisory manager meetings.
  • Design and deliver essential SW training such as Undertaking Section 47 and Court Work Skills

An exciting opportunity is available for internal colleagues to express an interest in accessing an employer route training programme to become a qualified Social Worker. The training programme suggested is both challenging and rewarding and requires a high level of motivation and commitment as the input days are twice a month and most of the work will be carried out in colleagues own time as distance learning.

The ‘Grow Our Own Scheme’ is an employee self-funded pathway to achieve a Degree in Social Work working with our partner University.   The Scheme, open to existing employees, (subject to specified criteria) will be an opportunity to undertake a recognised professional qualification known as the BA (Hons) in Social Work.  The Scheme is on offer to employees across the Children’s and Adults Directorates, subject to relevant minimum criteria. 

As part of social work workforce development, this Scheme aims to support and have in place an additional 25 newly qualified social workers by September 2019.  On qualification, the newly qualified social workers will be able to apply to register with the Social Work England (SWE) and practice as a Level 1 Social Worker and undertake the Assessed & Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) programme.  The ASYE is a programme which gives newly qualified social workers extra support during their first year of employment.  The programme aims to help them develop their skills, knowledge and professional confidence.  This Scheme aims to further workforce planning, add capacity and reduce workforce attrition and spend. 

The Head of Children’s Strategy and Improvement will consider this additional capacity as part of the Children’s Workforce Plan.  Students who successfully complete the programme, will be offered the opportunity to apply for vacant posts, where these are available, post qualification.  Candidates will be subject to an assessment process before being offered permanent employment as a Newly Qualified Social Worker. 

To learn more about the GOO Scheme, please contact Social Work Development Consultant, Lorraine McPherson-Bravo at lorraine.mcpherson-bravo@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

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