Hi, name is Tajinder Madahar, I am the Head of Service for Children’s Duty, Targeted Services and Housing Aid. I started working as an unqualified social worker with Nottinghamshire County Council 35years ago and chose to move to Nottingham City in 1998 when we became a Unitary authority and have never looked back. I was supported to qualify as a social worker in 1992 and have remained working in the city as a team manager, service manager and now as Head of Service. Throughout my time in Nottingham I have been supported by my colleagues, peers and managers to grow and develop in all of the roles that I have worked in and now into my management role. This is why I have remained so committed to working for Nottingham City Council.

I am passionate about making sure we offer the right support to children and families when they need it. We have an excellent Children’s front door, with colleagues represented from Early Help, Targeted Family support, CAMHS Single Point of Access and the Domestic Abuse Referral Team. We also have co-located with the Front door partners from Nottinghamshire Police, the Fire Service and Health. This is what makes working together work so well! Colleagues and partners working together to provide the right support from the right service at the right time keeping Children at the Heart of everything we do.

It is also really important to me that we support colleagues to grow and develop through our organisation offering the opportunities to progress their careers with us in Nottingham City. I support, with colleagues, the development and progression of newly qualified social workers in Nottingham watching as they develop their knowledge and skills and follow a range of progression pathways. It is a real pleasure working in an environment that values and respects the contributions that everyone makes, working together in one directorate. We are committed to working together.


My name is Sam Danyluk, I am the Service Manager for CFD MASH and Duty. I have the absolute pleasure in working with a truly fantastic group of managers who, alongside their teams and colleagues continue to ensure that children and families remain at the heart of everything that we do.

Children and Families Direct Multi Agency Service Hub (MASH) (previously known as Children and Families Direct Hub.) is Nottingham City’s front door service for new referrals or requests for support, which can be in person, via telephone or in writing. Within the MASH we also have a specialist Domestic Abuse Referral Team (DART)

Referrals and requests are screened in line with Early Help and Targeted Family Support thresholds as set out in the Family Support Pathway, our ethos is that children and families receive the right support at the right time.

Co-located with the MASH are 4 Duty Assessment Teams who undertake Statutory Children’s Assessments and hold cases for up to 45 days.
Our Emergency Duty Team work evenings, weekends and bank holidays ensuring that all citizens (children and adults) are safe supported.

From 3rd November we will have a new team based with us at the Front door; the Brief Intervention Team, they will work with families where it is identified that specific short term intervention will support the family and where it is not envisaged that a longer period of support is likely. This may be because at the outset an intervention has been identified to support the family, or it may be that a Duty social worker undertaking a Children’s Assessment has identified with the family a piece of work that can be undertaken to enable changes to be achieved.

Hi, my name is Lisa Churchill I joined Nottingham City Council in 2014 I manage The Targeted support Team. I have previously worked in the voluntary sector and within probation.

The Targeted support Team offer crisis intervention to families at risk of breakdown. We are a short term intervention service that work in a solution focused way using the signs of safety approach covering the whole of the city working with children age 8 to 17.

The Targeted support Team also offer safe and well weekend visits and deliver Family Network Meetings for the LA giving families the opportunity to be part of the plan for their family to effect change.

The team consist of 6 Family support workers and 3 FNM coordinators who have a varied and vast experience of working with children and families and are very passionate and committed to supporting and empowering families to make and sustain change.

Hi, I am Debbie Richards, I am the Service Manager for Housing Aid. Housing Aid support citizens who find themselves in the position of being homeless or where there is a threat of homelessness. The service will identify people at risk of homelessness or in need of support, provide access to quality advice and / or housing options whilst ensuring that appropriate support is in place. One of our main aims is to help people meet their housing needs in a way that is sustainable and long lasting. The team are working to ensure that those who are homeless are provided with accommodation so that they’re able to feel safe and better able to protect themselves during uncertain times.

There are so many things that make me proud of the Housing Aid Team every day but its times like this that I am reminded of what an amazing group of people we have working within the service.

My name is Corina Ioannou, and I am the Team Manager for the Brief Intervention co-located at the Children’s Front door. I have worked for Nottingham City for the last 21 years as a family support worker through as a team manager and service manager.

The Team consists of family support workers who work closely with social workers from the Duty Service, supporting children and their families across the City.

I have always been proud of the colleagues I have worked with and managed about the service they offer to children, young people and their families.

Hello, my name is Lorraine Carlin, System and Performance Lead working across all the Early Help teams. My role is to keep the Early Help side of Liquid Logic running as smoothly and efficiently as possible for all the wonderful people across the Early Help, Targeted and Specialists services.

It makes me so proud to be part of the Early Help, Targeted and Specialists teams when I see how passionate they all are to ensuring Nottingham City families are receiving the support they need, through direct work with the children, young people and their parents.

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