Hello, my name is Sharon Clarke, the Acting Head of Children in Care. Our area covers a range of services, all of which are working really hard to keep things going in really challenging times.

I am really lucky to work with such a dedicated, passionate and creative group of people who are continually coming up with solutions to the problems we are all currently facing. We are a dedicated team working across CIS to provide support for children in care, foster carers, residential colleagues and social workers.

I am also the Service Manager for Child Care and Semi Independence. I work closely with Alison Wakefield who you can find more about below. We are continuing to progress permanence plans for children and working closely with RAA colleagues to identify families for children with an adoption plan. Our teams understand that school is really important for the children we support and we are working with the Virtual School to ensure every child who can go to school safely attends.

Hello, my name is Matthew Jenkins, Team Manager for the CAMHS CLA Team.
The CLA Team consists of a psychiatrist, psychologist, specialist nurse, therapeutic social workers, senior practitioner, creative therapist, team coordinator and administrator. There is joint commitment by both the local authority and health to ensure the service is integrated in both delivery and management.
The team consists of social care staff and colleagues from health and regularly meet up via Microsoft Teams to share information about individual young people and what works best when it comes to service delivery.


Hello, I am Kay Sutt, Service Manager, Residential and Targeted Support. Childrens Residential provide a range of in-house residential provision, including support for young people with disabilities and semi-independence. Nottingham City Council has twelve small residential homes offering care and accommodation for children and young people between the ages of 11 - 25 years. A wide range of care and support is available including short term emergency care, medium to long term care and a long term home for children with complex disabilities.
We also have seven mainstream residential homes, one dedicated to children with complex needs and six semi-independent units for young people who are 16 years and over. Additionally, we have a dedicated short breaks unit for children and young people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and a range of associated challenging behaviours.

Hi, my name is Alison Wakefield, Service Manager for Child Care and Semi Independence.
Nottingham City has two Children in Care Teams at Nottingham City, representing the North / Central and South / Central areas of the city respectively. They work solely with children in care from 0 up to 18 years old. Having dedicated children in care teams promotes specialism and expertise. This, we believe, leads to better outcomes for our young people. A dedicated Permanency Team has been formed, linked to the government agenda to establish Regional Adoption Agencies. This Team deals specifically with children for whom the best outcome is adoption, or another form of permanence.

The Leaving Care Service work with young people aged between 18 - 25 years who are eligible to receive care leaver support. The service aims to ensure all young people get the best support possible, as they transition into adulthood.

Every young person will be given the opportunity to explore their independence with an individual support package that allows them to develop, learn, or re-learn the skills that will be needed for successful independent living.

We have supported a number of young people through further and higher education, with some going on study at a post-graduate level. We are very proud of all our young people who have gone on to achieve huge success. The Leaving Care Service also incorporates a service for unaccompanied asylum seeking young people.

Hi, my name is Audrey Taylor, Service Manager, Fostering and Adoption. I am N.N.E.B and Social Work qualified, I started with Nottingham City Council as a Nursery Nurse over 33 years ago. I have worked in various fields such as Children in need and child protection before joining the Fostering service.

The Fostering Service aims to provide high quality family based care that ensures that children in care receive a positive experience of home and family life.

To achieve this we recruit, assess, train and support foster carers to care for children so they achieve the best possible outcomes in regard to their physical, emotional and intellectual development. A variety of foster carers are recruited and trained to meet the diverse needs of children and reflect the ethnic and cultural background of the community we serve. Once approved each household is allocated a Supervising Social Worker who continue to advise and assist carers to manage the complex needs that many of our children have. The team also assess and support Connected persons carers, This is where a child will live with someone they are connected to, but who are required to meet statutory fostering requirements that are subject to robust assessment and approval process.
All foster carer applicants are rigorously screened, thoroughly assessed and carefully trained so that they can provide safe and supportive homes for children in care, children placed for adoption. The fostering panel offers another layer of scrutiny all applicants are presented at the panel where a recommendation is made on their suitability to be approved as carers.


Hello, my name is Holly MacKenzie, Team Manager for the Placement Service.

The Children's Placement Service is the single point of access for the formation and quality assurance of care placements. The Service is responsible for providing every child and young person with the best possible placement, which meets their needs, wishes and feelings and provides them with the opportunity to thrive and achieve.

The Placement Service undertakes activities to ensure that all children and young people are accessing high quality care placements.

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