From April 1st 2020, Nottingham City Council introduced a new pay and progression framework for Children’s Social Workers in Social Work teams on the front-line of Child Protection in Duty, Fieldwork and Children in Care.  

Nottingham City Council undertook a review of the work required of the Children’s Social Work Teams responsible for child protection cases, combined with data and information from internal sources, external reports, and regional benchmarking, indicated the need for a new approach within these specific teams.

All new starters after 1st April 2020 will commence under the new framework and pay model. See table below:

New Grade


Salary 20/21

Social Worker Level 1 – first block of 6 months to begin ASYE and complete probationary period.

Undertaking first 6 months of ASYE


*If first 6 months of ASYE not successfully completed the period at Level 1 will be extended to a maximum of 1 year. On successful assessment at the end of the full year the individual would move to Social Worker Level 3


25,991 (F)

Social Worker Level 2 – second block of 6 months to complete ASYE


Undertaking second 6 months of ASYE


* Successful completion of second half of ASYE and assessed as ready to progress to Social Worker Level 3.


29,577 (G)


Social Worker Level 3

18 months must be served at  Social Worker Level 3 and successful assessment will determine readiness to progress to Advanced Practitioner


33,782 (H)

Advanced Practitioner

The role of Advanced Practitioner in the new model allows experienced social workers to progress to a higher level of practice, maintaining full case-holding responsibilities, without taking on the leadership and management elements that are required of Senior Practitioners.


Advanced Practitioners will be able to apply for Senior Practitioners positions when vacancies arise, and successful colleagues will be expected to undertake leadership and management training and development to support them in their roles and develop effective management skills.


38,890 (I)

Senior Practitioner

Good managers are vital for high-performing teams, and for those experienced social workers who do wish to move into management positions the role of Senior Practitioner will be the next step.


This will provide a career route onto Team Manager and beyond for the right people.



38,890 (I)

Plus market supplement

Team Manager


£43,857 plus market supplement

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