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Latest Children’s Social Work Vacancies 

Nottingham City Council is currently recruiting for social workers. Apply now to change someone's life and their future.

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Do you want to make a positive difference for the children, young people and families that you work with? If the answer is yes then Nottingham City is the place for you.

In Nottingham City we are committed to helping families secure positive change for their children. We have excellent, dedicated staff and we are keen to have new workers join our team. We are on a journey of service improvement and we are committed to delivering consistently good services to children, young people and their families. Our commitment to our staff reflects our determination to improve our services. We firmly believe that our staff need the right support to ensure that they are able to do an excellent job every day.  

We are an innovative, vibrant and fast growing Core City, with a new era of regeneration in the City.

Nottingham is home to two world class universities working in partnership with Nottingham City Council. We have one of the best public transport networks in the country with an extended tram system and good rail links. We have a flourishing arts, events and music scene, top quality sports facilities and clubs together with great restaurants and buzzing night-time scene. Nottingham is fast becoming a desired place to live and work. 

‘Children’s Social Work in Nottingham: Changing Lives, Changing Futures’

So why Nottingham City Social Worker service?  We believe in keeping children and families at the heart of our practice. Our Council Plan puts children and families at the very core of its activity. Social work can be a challenging job and that’s why we work hard to develop positive team work so as you have support around you to help you do your work. We have a senior leadership team who care about the children that we work with and the staff who work with them, the senior team will work hard to support you to do your best work.

To achieve this we need dedicated and caring children’s social workers and social care staff. By choosing to work for us, we can provide you with:

"We believe in keeping children and families at the heart of our work. To do this we need to continue to build a strong, resilient and skilled workforce, who are able to focus on making things better for children at every opportunity they have, making every contact with them count."

Catherine Underwood - Corporate Director for People at Nottingham City Council.

"We are proud of our dedicated workforce, who work really hard to do a good job. Team work is central to our work and joining us will mean that you will become part of a team who cares about you and the children, young people and families that we work with. We’re excited and proud to be part of ‘ Team Nottingham’ and really look forward to you coming to join us."

Ailsa Barr - Director for Children's Integrated Services