During a tenancy 

It is important that landlords read the licence and always check the terms and conditions.
If they’re not met during a tenancy, it could lead to action by the Council.

There could be a Community Protection Notice, prosecution, or a licence can be withdrawn.
You can ask the Housing Team for guidance if there are any questions about your licence. We always encourage landlords to talk to the person who gave them the licence.


Please remember that we can visit to inspect the property, and we may make an appointment with a landlord to do so.
But we can also turn up unannounced.
These inspections are to check that the conditions of the licence are being kept to.
We may also do a Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) assessment.

The inspection tests a property against national legal standards and assesses risks, not just to the people that live at the property but also any visitors they may have.
These visits can lead to an Enforcement Notice being issued, advising of the need to fix something or stop using a part or all the home.
Remember that if we do need to issue a Notice, we can recover expenses (currently £350) so it’s important to keep a property safe and in good repair.
If the property is a House in Multiple Occupation, it doesn’t matter if a licence is needed or not. It’s still a legal requirement to meet the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (England) Regulations 2006.
If the situation changes, for example, if there’s a new manager, or a landlord needs to change licence conditions they need to apply for a licence variation before the changes take place.

You can ask us to
revoke the licence
at any time, although the fee is non-refundable.