General advice from Citizens Advice. 

Ending the tenancy early

If you end the tenancy early, you can be charged for this, and a landlord is entitled to actual loss.

Your tenancy agreement should say how much notice you need to give your landlord if you want to leave your property. 


Your rent payments should be up to date before you leave the property. If not, this is taken out of the deposit.

Returning your deposit

Be present when the property is inspected to check if any of your tenancy deposit should be used to cover the damage. If not, contact your relevant Deposit Protection Scheme. 


Do not leave any bills unpaid as this could affect your future references. 

Clearing the property

As a tenant you should do the following before leaving:

  • Remove all your possessions
  • Clean the property
  • Take any meter readings
  • Leave all relevant keys to the property
  • Leave a forwarding address for post and deliveries